Microsoft Takes Aim At The iPhone 5c With Its Own Bad Parody Video [Update]


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Update: Microsoft got the message that the video sucks, and it has been pulled.

The Apple parody video fad has been a bit played out the past couple years, but Microsoft thinks its got the comedic chops to take on the iPhone 5c and convince you to switch over to its struggling line of Windows Phones. The company’s WindowsPhone channel on YouTube just released a parody video depicting two stumped iPhone designers who just sit around a conference room table tossing out different color ideas to a pensive Tim Cook.

You would think a multi-billion dollar company like Microsoft could afford some better video production, or at least have the cash to hire a decent writer, but instead we’re left with leprechaun jokes and a plastic fork.

Want an iPhone 5c parody video that’s actually funny? Our pal John Elerick and his crew of Apple bashers are back this year with two banned iPhone promo videos for the iPhone 5c and 5s. Get your laughs in after the jump:

Banned iPhone 5c Promo

Banned iPhone 5s Promo

  • iFan41

    There isn’t a thing Microsoft can laugh at when it comes to Apple. Microsoft is failing in ways they never even imagined. 50% of their value lost since 1999? That’s a serious drop. Windows 8 Metro? Failure. Windows phones? Failure. Windows Tablets? Failure. Xbox One? Failure. Microsoft Word / Excel? Gonna fail now that Apple is providing iOS with free comparable alternatives…Microsoft need not laugh…they need to get back in the software game and quit trying to be Apple.

  • norb

    That was a pretty horrid.

  • BrainGameMayhem

    Xbox One? Failure. Microsoft Word / Excel? Gonna fail now that Apple is providing iOS with free comparable alternatives.

    You heard it here first, folks! Wow.

  • Fjord Prefect

    I was going to come up with a clever comment to post but those videos were all so incredibly dull that now I’m too tired to do so.

  • Whodakat

    Can someone please explain to Microsoft that the harder you try to be cool the less cool you are. My 65 year old mother could have put together better parody videos.

  • tool022611

    The video that pops up after the parody video is funny, they have to give away Nokia phones for people to take them.

  • Laberator

    Just a disgusting but useless trial to kick APPLE into the balls. I think that’s why the Balm-Dog leaves the sinking ship. Read also Mike Elgan’s astonishing analysis at CULT OF ANDROID Sep 8th (Microsoft Is About to Get Scroogled)

  • Jdsonice

    LOL what a stupid parody. Microsoft and Ballmer has such a low level of imagination. Thank god that idiot is leaving Microshit.

  • jeffbriant

    Hahaha, they took it down because it got so much negative feedback.