Hilarious Fake Ad Shows Who Will Really Be Buying The Gold iPhone 5S [Video]



I am 100% on board this mock commercial of who will buy the gold iPhone 5S, from digital media company Andy Media. Even if the gold iPhone 5S does actually look pretty fantastic in real life, this is still largely the clientele I expect to be buying it. Absolutely hysterical.

Source: YouTube

  • IcySnowballs

    But… it is using IOS6 – no way… :)

  • Adrayven

    Great way to judge others based on their color preference! Shall we get out the white pointy hats, light torches and some rope!?


    LOL!!! Spot on!

  • dsevil

    I admit it, I have a goldfone. Me like shiney thing. Me must *really* like shiney thing. heh