The Real Truth Behind The iPhone 5S [Parody]


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One of the downsides of being the world’s most successful company is that you’re the target of a ton of parody ads. Or is that the upside?

YouTube parody video creator, Matthias, has come up with a great one this time. Here’s the latest from the video creators: “Introducing the iPhone 5S.”

Our favorite quotes?

“To create the new iPhone, we started with a design we really loved. And then…stopped.”

“We did an over the air update, and automatically billed your iTunes account. You’re welcome.”

It’s clever, well done, and actually funny. While the addition of the iPhone 5C at the end is kind of anti-climactic, it’s a valiant effort.

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Source: YouTube

  • Adrayven

    wow. even the parity people are out of new material.. someone did something nearly identical last year for the 5.. and I’m fairly sure you can find a 4S version out there.

  • TylerHoj

    Introducing the Apple Parody Video S. For stupid. We took jokes, previously made by funnier people we saw on youtube, and made them our own…

  • darylayala

    Revolutionary Android. Same Hard resets. But with better specs.