Apple’s New Ad Shows The iPad Being Used To Write A Living Human Poem [Video]


During the NFL playoff game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Carolina Panthers today, Apple has posted a new advertisement for the iPad, emphasing their tablet’s creative powers and the iPad’s ability to inspire and create.

The tagline is “What will your verse be?” The notion is that all of human life is a poem, and our individual lines are a verse in that poem. Depending on your own predisposition, you’ll likely either find it a little sappy and breathless or moving, but either way, Apple is right that far from just being for media consumers, the iPad is a profound creator’s device which can be used for filming, writing, 3D prototyping, and more.

There’s also a new Your Verse microsite, explaining the uses depicted in the commercial in greater detail. What do you think? How are you using your iPad to write your verse?

  • aardman

    Richard Dreyfuss in a more subdued delivery? On second thought, probably not.

  • ifixrjs

    Richard Dreyfuss in a more subdued delivery? On second thought, probably not.

    I was thinking maybe Robin Williams?

  • sevend77

    just FYI there is an error in your URL to the Verse site, its has an extra “‘” at the end ;)

  • CharlieBing

    In fact, this IS Robin Williams, and the entire “script” of the ad is from Dead Poet’s Society. The Whitman poem is here is in its entirety: pretty damn special. Another crazily brave ad from the folks at Infinite Loop. :)

  • Steve

    Wow. The fact is that Apple is finally producing one fantastic ad after another. Everyone was complaining–me, too! — that their ads were flat since Steve passed away. Well, their agency has got it’s mojo back. These last three or four ads are truly inspiring, the best of what Apple represents. Very satisfying…