FaceTime humor amid coronavirus is the laugh we all need


FaceTime coronavirus
FaceTime has been handy but is no replacement for face-to-face time.
Screenshot: Eva Victor/Twitter

With COVID-19 lockdowns walling us off from friends and family, the FaceTime feature on iPhones and iPads is saving our social lives.

But glitchy audio and periodic freezing of the video stream add to our mounting self-isolation frustration.

Comedians and friends Alyssa Limperis and Eva Victor posted a skillfully edited video on Twitter that humorously illustrates how network hiccups can lead to misplaced laughter, abrupt cuts in conversation and the shouting we do just to be heard.

Limperis says she lost her job and Victor says, “that’s great!” Victor couldn’t really hear her friend. Admit it. You probably did something similar this past weekend.

Source: Mashable