No One Giving An iPhone For Christmas Has Ever Been More Awesome Than This Guy [Humor]


08 - mPdukrr

Many of us got or received iPhones for Christmas, and I’m guessing you thought you were pretty smart, putting it in a gift bag to disguise the telltale shape. But you’ve got nothing on this guy, who fooled someone into thinking that the iPhone they were actually unwrapping was just a crappy old chair. Check out how they did it, after the jump.

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  • dcj001

    “Many of us got or received iPhones for Christmas”

    Did you mean to say:

    “Many of us gave or received iPhones for Christmas”


  • Chadbk1977

    Clever, but I see kids toys, what if a kid sat on “the chair”?…

  • SupaMac

    hahah, “via imgur”

    Don’t you mean via Reddit? sure, imgur is the hosting website, but don’t try to pass it off like you didn’t just lift this from a Reddit post.

    Come on Brownlee…

  • lwdesign1

    Great idea and misdirector! Perfect for those types of family members who have radar-like qualities and who are nearly impossible to keep a secret from. VWD!!

  • Market_Mayhem

    What a complete waste of time and energy. He could have simply put the iPhone in a large box with some bubble wrap and bricks.

  • Punkxinxdrublic

    a waste to you, but maybe fun for them? Haters always gotta have opinions.