Microsoft Pulls Apple Bashing Videos Off YouTube Because They’re Awful


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Earlier today, we told you about a new video from Microsoft that attempted to bash Apple’s latest iPhones. It was poorly done, not funny, and just genuinely awful. The clip was actually part of a seven-part group of videos that made fun of Apple employees(?) of some kind making ridiculous, cliche pitches for different features, like the 5s’s fingerprint reader, in a generic boardroom. Each video was posted under Microsoft’s official Windows Phone YouTube channel.

It only took a few short hours for Microsoft to realize that these videos were total duds, and they’ve all been taken down.

Why did these videos exist in the first place? We’ll probably never know. Someone at Microsoft thought they were a good idea, but a quick scan of the YouTube comments while the videos were live proved otherwise. The videos weren’t really put together like TV ads, so maybe Microsoft hoped they’d go viral? Better luck next time.

Source: YouTube

  • aardman

    Sure ain’t the first cringe-inducing in-house video from Microsoft.

  • adology

    Someone in Redmond’s marketing department probably cringed hard this afternoon.

  • Bulldogger123

    Better slow the carriage cause the wheels are coming off.

  • iFan41

    Microsoft has nothing to say about Apple. They have lost half their value since 1999 trying to emulate them. Every product they have launched has been a huge failure…phones, tablets, Windows 8, Zune…even Office is in trouble now that iOS has the bulk of markets and is providing products comparable to Office for free. Apple is going to end up crushing Microsoft and I think they worry about it…

  • HerbalEd

    Fair enough, MS. Apple’s had a lot of fun at your expense, so they’re fair game. However, you gotta do much, much better than this terribly failed attempt at humor.

    MS deserves credit where it’s due … but they’ve just never had style. Hell, even Gates admitted such during the Jobs/Gates interview.

    However, that being said, and in all fairness to Bill … he was very gracious during his comments about Steve. And you could actually see mutual respect and admiration between the two. And if it were not for Bill’s gracious investment (a loan, really) in Apple when they were on the verge of bankruptcy, Apple would have died.

  • Taojones_1

    passing the Microsoft store and glancing in to look at a slate, i was immediately accosted by a bored Microsoft employee who despite breaking every rule of retail sales forced me to pick it up. I was immediately shocked at the weight of it and noted the feel of the cheap plastic reminded me of an old panisonic boom box. then I felt the battery brick on the back and the sharp edge of it and realized they had made the thing look thin in pictures but it was actually an illusion. totally disgusted I put it back down as the salesman desperately started touting all the things this beast can do (hint to salesman touting product, when the customer says it its true when the salesman says it its a lie. wait till customer comments and agree never “sell” features the customer might not be interested in ) A camel is a horse built by committee Microsoft will be birthing camels forever until they realize that consensus only defines the mediocre middle. Take the bad idea and run with it boys!

  • rhassan
  • techwarrior

    It is one thing to contrast the strength of your product vs the competition. It is a move of desperation, no less despicable than the way our politicians run campaigns, to solely focus of dissing the competition.

    There is so little MS can say about their products these days, sure there are strengths. But when you add it all up, the numbers speak for themselves…Apple products sell, MS products sit on shelves.

    I used to be an MS guy, MCSE and all. But iPhone, iPod, and iPad changed all that. Having adopted Mac as my preferred desk/laptop, I cringe any time I am required to use MS consumer products and am even growing discontent with their server products.

    Glad they pulled these.