This ‘revolutionary’ iPhone case only costs a buck


$1 case
Moment founder Marc Barros at the big reveal.
Photo: Moment/YouTube

Apple rolled out three new iPhones Tuesday that will excite mobile photographers. One day later, smartphone lens maker Moment debuted three new products that “take everything amazing about your new camera phone and make it worse.”

Poking fun at iPhone prices and the hyped spectacle of Apple product launches, Moment released a “live event” to introduce the “world’s first” $1 case, $2 waterproof case and $3 wireless charging case. Moment kept its price point in single digits because of a ground-breaking material used to create the cases – cheap cardboard that comes in one color, dirt brown.

Moment’s joke is priceless especially the way it teased tech writers with an invitation the day before to view a major announcement at 10 a.m. PST Wednesday. While the presentation was hilarious, the three cases are actually for sale on Amazon.

The extra dollar on the waterproof case buys the case holder a resealable sandwich bag For $3, a rubber band holds a 9-volt battery on the cardboard “battery” case.

“We worked on this project for a few minutes so it’s definitely the worse case we’ve ever made,” said Moment founder Marc Barros. “But we hope people buy it for their friends as a joke. Thanks for not blocking me from sending you future emails.

Many mobile photographers see Moment as the best brand for attachable iPhone lenses. The company does not cut quality corners in creating sharp optics and highly functional cases. Its lenses can be found in more than 50 Apple Stores but also available online.

In February, Moment raised more than $767,000 to create a 2.0 series on its wide and telephoto lenses along with a battery case with a built-in shutter button. The 2.0 lenses are $99.99 while the older lenses are $69.99. Click here to see Moment’s product line.

So the cardboard cases are a fun departure from a serious focus on making a great product.

Here is what the press release said about each product:

$1 Case

$1 case
It’s organic – and non-protective.
Photo: Moment

“This is no ordinary, non-protective cardboard box for your phone. No, it’s the world’s first all natural, cheap as shit, case for your expensive phone.”

$2 Waterproof Case

$1 case
An extra buck and false confidence will make your phone “waterproof.”
Photo: Moment

“We take the amazing touch technology on your phone and make it not work. With a special optical plastic, non-touch membrane technology we pretend to protect your phone for underwater photography. And best of all, your photos look like you captured them through a plastic bag.”

$3 Wireless Battery Case

$1 case
A battery case that would make MacGyver proud.
Photo: Moment

“Not only does this battery give you zero seconds of additional power, it’s the first wire free power that you can share with your friends. It doesn’t even require a bad to recharge because the 9-volt battery in this product is not rechargeable.”