The Morning Show logo may seem Boring to Elon Musk


similar logos for Boring Co. and Morning Show
"O" my!
Graphic: The Boring Company/Apple

Use the image of an apple in a logo and the tech company Apple calls its patent attorneys.

Now Apple finds itself on the other side of a design patent question with the logo for the upcoming series The Morning Show, which looks strikingly similar to the logo for Elon Musk’s The Boring Company.

Moment launches filter set your iPhone photos need


new ND filters by Moment
Neutral density filters gave shooters greater control over their exposures.
Photo: Moment

Maybe mobile photography accessor Moment has turned up the wow factor on your iPhone photos with one of its high-quality lenses.

Moment thinks you can do even better with new filters the company launched this morning.

Famous American Psycho scene gets Apple Card upgrade


scene from
Is that titanium? "Nice!"
Photo: Universal Studios/YouTube

The Apple Card is the newest status totem and that gave one YouTuber and fan of the 2000 film American Psycho an idea for the re-editing of one scene.

The scene shows cocksure investment banker Patrick Bateman and his yuppie, Italian-suited colleagues vainly comparing the designs of their business cards, each whipping their’s out so to speak.

Apple’s The Morning Show costs more than Game of Thrones


stars of the Morning Show
Apple is paying for top talent, like Jennifer Aniston and Steve Carell, to make The Morning Show a hit.
Photo: Pikachu/Mega

Apple’s original series The Morning Show has yet to air a single episode and already, the show has made television history.

Apple TV+, the upcoming streaming service, is reportedly spending more money to produce a single episode of the morning news drama than HBO did for episodes during the epic final season of Game of Thrones.

That’s more than $15 million per episode.

Tim Cook lights up World Photography Day with gorgeous iPhone pix


Tim Cook retweets photo for World Photography Day
Beautifully #shotoniphone in the Netherlands.
Screenshot: Patrick Smit/Twitter

Apple CEO Tim Cook never has to think about how best to observe World Photography Day. He can search Twitter for the hashtag “Shot on iPhone” and look for moving images to repost.

Cook’s curation never disappoints as evident by today’s observance of an unofficial holiday honoring dedicated shooters.

Leak shows off Sonos’ first portable Bluetooth speaker


leaked photo of Sonos Move
Sonos makes its Move into the Bluetooth speaker market.
Photo: via WinFutre

Smart speaker maker Sonos is getting ready to launch a product with a feature it has long resisted – Bluetooth connectivity.

Reports of a Sonos Move first surfaced earlier this month. Today, a Germany tech site published leaked marketing photos ahead of an Aug. 26 Sonos press event.

Siri gets smarter, but still can’t keep up with Google Assistant


Scorsese Siri
Director Martin Scorsese can count on Siri. Even more so than in the past.
Photo: Apple

Siri doesn’t have all the answers, but Apple’s digital assistant continues to get smarter.

Loup Ventures fires 800 questions at the leading digital assistants for its twice-a-year IQ Test to measure the practical use of voice as a means of computing input on smartphones. They are all improving, but not at the same rate.

Fake AI skies look amazing, but not everybody’s thrilled


sky replacement tool in Luminar 4
Pick a sky that wasn't there when you took the photo.
Photo: Skylum

Imaging software company Skylum markets its photo editing tools as huge time savers. Just click a preset look or move a few slider bars and you have a beautifully styled final image within minutes.

Skylum was on message when it announced an upcoming AI tool for instantly replacing the sky. The company declared, “The days of spending a lot of time manually creating a complicated mask to replace skies in an image are over.”

Yet the debate over artificial intelligence’s role in photography is only beginning. In the week since Skylum announced and demoed AI Sky Replacement, photographers have spent considerable time in online forums drawing lines between ethics and creativity.