Adobe takes first steps to fix Photoshop for iPad


Apple Pencil 2
Adobe promises changes to Photoshop on iPad very soon.
Photo: Apple

Adobe says it will soon deliver features and updates to its iPad version of Photoshop.

The announcement comes after a buildup of user frustration over the launch earlier this month of Photoshop for iPad, a highly anticipated release after the imaging software giant promised a full-power version for the tablet computer.

Meet the world’s biggest Apple fans in new Cult of Mac book


The Cult of Mac, 2nd Edition takes another deep dive into Apple fandom.
The Cult of Mac, 2nd Edition takes another deep dive into Apple fandom.
Photo: No Starch Press

Apple fans run on their own colorful OS that seems nearly impossible to hack. This growing subculture is worthy of study — and a place on your coffee table! You can get to know some of the world’s biggest Apple fans, thanks to the rich stories and colorful photographs in The Cult of Mac, 2nd Edition, by Leander Kahney and David Pierini.

The book, which hits stores Dec. 17, is much more than an update to Kahney’s 2006 book, The Cult of Mac (which gave this blog its name). Now available for preorder from Amazon, the second edition is a companion volume crammed with new stories and pictures. All told, they paint a picture of a uniquely devoted community.

Firstlight app gives you real-time control over iPhone camera


screenshots of Filmic Firstlight
Filmic brings live analytics to its new camera app for iPhone.
Screenshot: Filmic/App Store

An app developer putting out a camera and photo editing app today is in for a steep, uphill climb. Dozens of apps populate the category and those at the top are holding that place for a reason.

But the name Filmic should grab the iPhone photographer’s attention. The maker of Filmic Pro, the go-to app for mobile filmmakers, now offers a unique camera experience for stills called Firstlight.

Chicago students with iPhones tell their stories of a city in photos


apple and 100cameras photo project with Chicago students
Apple put iPhone 11s in the hands of Chicago high school students and 100cameras challenged them to tell their stories in pictures.
Photo: Apple

The city of Chicago is full of narratives but one of its richest is often skewed by headlines of poverty and violence.

The neighborhood of North Lawndale is a story of rebirth and some of its young residents are sharing that story one iPhone photo at a time.

Crafty covers turn your AirPods into a turkey


This turkey-shaped crochet AirPods cover is the baste.
This AirPods cover is the baste.
Photo: Dana Davis

Crafty entrepreneurs came up with a fun way to make your AirPods — or at least the charging case they come in — stand out. Crochet AirPods covers ensure that nobody will mistake that little white case for a pack of dental floss.

If you feel like dismissing crochet as something from your grandmother’s era, you haven’t looked around your coffeeshop, bus or subway car recently. If you do, you might notice that a new, hip generation of creators discovered this analog textile art.

New clips, cases bring olloclip to iPhone 11


New clip for olloclip on iPhone 11 Pro
New clips let you fit olloclip lenses to the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max.
Photo: olloclip

Smartphone lens pioneer olloclip has launched a new line of clips and protective cases to make its lenses compatible with the iPhone 11 series.

Apple rolled out the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max this past fall, forcing accessory companies to redesign their products around a square camera module. The Pro series handsets gave olloclip designers a new challenge: come up with a single clip with mounting points for the Pro line’s three cameras.

iPhone 11 Pro camera holds its own against $20,000 Leica


Sawyer Hartman compares iPhone 11 Pro to Leica
The iPhone 11 Pro gave a mind-blowing performance against a Leica.
Screenshot: Sawyer Hartman/YouTube

YouTube is full of photographers comparing their professional kits with the latest iPhone camera.

But a recent test and conclusion by Sawyer Hartman risked sounding blasphemes. Could a $1,300 iPhone 11 Pro outshoot $20,000 worth of some of the best gear produced by the iconic German brand, Leica?

That may depend on who’s looking.

Instagram’s hidden likes experiment goes global


heart shapes
Your fans will know you are liked. They just won't know how much.
Photo: Iouri Goussey/Wikimedia CC

Anxious influencers worldwide opened their Instagram feeds to a new reality today: the “like” tally on their posts won’t be seen by their followers.

Instagram started removing public-face “likes” this summer as a test in a few countries. The test is now global and Instagram took to Twitter this morning in hopes of reassuring content creators who make money off their posts.