Whiny Watch wearer sues Apple for scratched finish, ‘mental stress’


brilliantly scratch-resistant
A magnet inside the watch attracts the metal band, which scratches the watch, according a court filing.
Photo: iPhone in Canada

A Toronto man is suing Apple in small-claims court over scratches on his Apple Watch Series 3, which Apple markets as being “brilliantly scratch-resistant.”

Following the court filing, Apple allegedly offered to replace the watch and throw in a free accessory, but aggrieved watch wearer Dean Lubaki, 21, declined.

iPhone maker slams China’s overtime caps


Foxconn's CEO says China's overtime rules are too strict.
Photo: Foxconn

Foxconn could assemble even more iPhones if China eased restrictions curbing factories from abusing overtime, the company’s CEO says.

Billionaire Terry Gou says China’s rules on overtime keep workers from earning more and puts limits on Foxconn’s competitive edge.

YouTube influencers carefully watching IGTV


IGTV YouTube
Pia Muehlenbeck used her YouTube Channel to promote her first IGTV post.
Photo: Kane and Pia/YouTube

Fashion influencer Pia Muehlenbeck wore a red dress chosen by her social media fans for a sunny day in Santa Monica to make her first video for the new IGTV.

Once shooting finished, she posted it on YouTube.

YouTube has seen competitors come and go and none have been able to threaten its standing as the dominant video platform. But it has not faced a media company with the might to seriously cut into its ad revenues or lure away some of its most prominent talent like Instagram.

This Steve Jobs business card is a pricey addition to your Rolodex


Steve Jobs business card
A Steve Jobs Apple business card and three sheets of letterhead is for sale on eBay.
Photo: MG Service/eBay

It’s hard to imagine Steve Jobs ever needing to pass out business cards. But even for titans of industry, business cards were standard issue and if you happened to have one from Jobs, its worth a few bucks.

A seller on eBay is hoping to get $9,000 for a couple of Jobs business cards and a few sheets of his Apple letterhead stationary.

Apple employees voice frustration with work culture under Tim Cook


Tim Cook
Not everyone is happy at Apple under CEO Tim Cook.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Maybe it was the standing desks. Apple employees are voicing growing discontent for the workplace under boss Tim Cook, according to employee surveys ranking the top 100 CEOs.

Cook’s spot on Glassdoor’s annual list was 96, down from 53 a year ago in what was the biggest fall for a tech CEO on the list.

On-the-go podcast app retooled for iPad


Anchor app
Your podcast got even easier to produce with Anchor for iPad.
Photo: Anchor

Podcasters using the popular iOS app Anchor can now manage their shows and audio clips from a larger screen with a new Anchor app for iPad.

The iPad app features new editing tools that make trimming audio or creating a recording with multiple segments easy with the touch of a finger. The app also has split screen support, which allows users to see a web browser or Notes app on one side while building a show on the other.

Thieves swipe Apple gear in Mission Impossible-style heist


Apple heist
Some thieves, perhaps inspired by the first Mission Impossible, stole a lot of Apple stuff from a Best Buy store in Georgia.
Photo: Movieclips.com/YouTube

Rappelling thieves in Georgia gained a “Mission Impossible-style” entrance to a Best Buy store and made off with more than $100,000 in Apple products.

The burglars stole thousands of dollars worth of iPhones, iPads, MacBook computers, and various other items rappelled through a hole in the ceiling of the store in the city of Dunwoody, according to police.

LG disses iPhone in whiny new ad


LG v iPhone
Put that iPhone down and smile for the ThinQ.
Photo: LG/YouTube

With its smartphone sales in sharp decline, LG takes aim at the iPhone in a television ad that seems desperate to drum up excitement for its new flagship handset.

The commercial for the new LG G7 ThinQ features actress Aubrey Plaza and shows a village of people using every criticism the Android community has ever hurled at the iPhone to try and convince a whiny user named Ryan to switch to the ThinQ.

Apple Camp now taking reservations for summer fun


Apple Camp
This summer camp will teach you to create music, video stories and control robots the Apple way.
Photo: Apple

Sign-ups began today for Apple Camp, a free three-day summer program for kids at Apple Stores across the globe.

The camps, designed to expose kids to the many ways to get creative with Apple products, run July 9 through 27. Reservations tend to fill up fast.