Cops want Texas church shooter’s iCloud data


Texas mass shooter's iPhone
This picture of Devin Patrick Kelley's iPhone SE was filed in court with a search warrant request asking Apple to retrieve iCloud data.
Photo: San Antonio Express-News

Texas Rangers served a search warrant on Apple in hopes of getting data from the iPhone of Sutherland Springs mass shooter Devin Patrick Kelley.

Rangers obtained search warrants on Nov. 9 for files stored on Kelley’s iPhone SE, which was found with him after he took his own life following a high-speed chase. The warrant also requests any files stored on Kelley’s iCloud account.

iPhone X scalper gets in violent scrape


iPhone X theft
This LetGo app ad for an iPhone X attracted a would-be thief in Georgia.
Photo: WSB-TV

Another new iPhone is on the streets and it’s the type of event when police brace themselves for a spike in thefts and assaults. So it was only a matter of time before the iPhone X would work its way into a crime news headline.

A man in Georgia suffered a broken collarbone after wrestling with a thief who ran off with an iPhone X he was trying to resell.

Watch a magician wear an iPad like a glove


Simon Pierro
Is there an app for that?
Photo: Simon Pierro/YouTube

The mesmerizing iPad magician Simon Pierro uses the Apple tablet the way many of the acts before him performed tricks with a top hat.

But during one recent performance, he used the iPad to slip on the white glove of the famed magician known as Cardini.

Former Apple photo guru releases powerful iPhone camera app


Harness RAW Power with your iPhone or iPad.
Photo: David Pierini/Cult of Mac

A “Gentleman Coder” who is the former director of the Apple photo apps teams has launched an IOS app for the photographer who prefers to shoot RAW images.

RAW Power for iOS hit the App Store this week from software company Gentlemen Coders LLC, which was founded by Nik Bhatt. His 14-year stint in Cupertino included being Senior Director of Engineering for the Aperture and iPhoto teams and later the Chief Technical Officer of the Photo Apps group.

Shooting From the Hip showcases beautiful iPhone photos [Book review]


iPhone photo book
Shooting From the Hip, the iPhone street photography of San Francisco's Scott Strazzante, is now for sale.
Photo: David Pierini/Cult of Mac

You may be tempted to marvel at Scott Strazzante’s new book, Shooting From the Hip, simply because he made all those gritty street photographs with an iPhone.

We can’t seem to get over the fact that the little wonder device in our pockets can be used to create great work. Apple touts stunning photos on big billboards, luring us with the promise that good pictures will come pouring out if we upgrade to the latest iPhone.

But photography — good photography, anyway — isn’t that simple. And to fixate on the tool Strazzante uses would be a disservice to him, and to the collection of 150 pictures inside this hardcover coffee table book.

Apple helping FBI with locked smartphone of Texas shooter


Apple help
Apple contacted the FBI when it learned the agency could not access the smartphone of the gunman of the Texas church massacre.
Photo: Dave Newman/Flickr (CC)

Apple says it “immediately” reached out to the FBI to help the agency unlock the encrypted smartphone of the shooter in the Texas church massacre.

The FBI declined to name the type of phone used by suspected shooter, Devin Kelley, but ABC News reported earlier today that the device is indeed an Apple handset.

iPhone 4 as iPhone X? Some people will believe anything.


Passersby get excited about the
Passersby get excited about the "iPhone X" in their hands.
Photo: Jimmy Kimmel/YouTube

Late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel featured the iPhone X on Tuesday night’s edition of Lie Witness News, asking people on the streets of Hollywood to hold the handset and give their impressions of Apple’s $1,000 smartphone.

Few realized they in fact held an iPhone 4 from 2010.

Desk clutter finds new home with this iMac caddy


Maqe Mac Caddy iMac accessories
Mac Caddy can help declutter your desk.
Photo: Maqe

iMac desktop storage solutions usually involve folders and hard drives. But what about tidying and organizing the desktop on which your iMac is perched?

The Mac Caddy, produced by Maqe, is a cubby that hangs off the back of any slim-edge iMac monitor to stow your analog pens, pencils, notesbooks and all the small items that tend to clutter your desk or workspace.

What’s this mystery chip inside iPhone X?


Behold the inner workings of the iPhone X.
Photo: iFixit

Two battery cells and a “mystery chip” are some of the surprises under the hood of the iPhone X.

iFixit added the new Apple flagship handset to its teardown database and disassembled one to give users a glimpse of the X’s inner magic.