The Sad Truth About The New Mac Pro [Humor]



The new, space-age Mac Pro is the smallest, most compact Mac Pro yet. The reason it’s so small, though, is it heavily leverages Thunderbolt and USB 3 for expandability, instead of letting people crack open the case and install any new cards or devices they want. This cutting image gets to the heart of the problem with this approach: is the new Mac Pro really smaller and more compact than the old one, when all is said and done?


  • RyanTV

    You obviously have never seen a professional creative’s MacPro. It looks like a bowl of spaghetti already, so it won’t be a huge departure for anyone.

  • Jeff Hurd

    The truth is most of the things listed there are obsolete or will be within a few years. Sure there’ll be external components but it will still be far far smaller overall then the old tower.

  • eldernorm

    Cute picture and yes external things are external.

    But I have to ask if you want most of those things front and center??? I would set an area off to the side for hard drives, the printer, and other stuff that I hardly use and just have the Mac Pro front and center.

    The new Pro unit gives you the option to have everything in one place or spread it out. The old unit really was just HUGE. PS, I have one with DUAL G5 in it. Love that its huge but have no place to put it.

    Just a thought.
    PS, if I had the money, I would get one in a heart beat. Thunderbolt cable to a hard drive cage and just an external CD – DVD for adding new music or making copies of movies for friends.

  • mark_hunte_
  • gettysburg11s

    I think its pretty much impossible for any manufacturer to create a pro machine that is all things to all people. Apple decided to bet on people not needing to add lots of internal drives and cards. I bet the amount of people who do is pretty small. I used to be an admin for a large amount of Mac Pros, and we never once added anything to the configuration we had when they were new.

  • lwdesign1

    I own and run a graphic design studio. I have a Mac Pro under my desk built in 2006 (the original 1,1 model) and I have 4 internal hard drives, an internal DVD/CD Superdrive and 2 expansion cards. The “Pro” stands for “Professional” meaning someone who uses his Mac for a living in a professional capacity (i.e. artist, photographer, designer, videographer, renderer, audio recordist, scientist, etc.). The advantage of the big boxy Mac Pro is that customization is easy: open the side panel and install whatever you need. With today’s technology, the Mac Pro could be about halved in size and still allow everything to be internal.

    I really object to Apple turning the Mac Pro into essentially a consumer product, thereby negating its “Pro” name and heritage. I do NOT want my desk or floor cluttered with external boxes and cables just so I can have everything I use now. This design decision is a step backwards, and is a major departure from Apple’s legendary elegance and simplicity of design. For me, it’s a bad decision. When I upgrade soon, it will be to an older model Mac Pro so that I can still keep all my devices internal.

  • Eric

    The thing that set the Mac Pro apart from the Apple systems, for me, is that it was very upgradable. And I have upgraded 8-core Xeon 3,1 over the years. Saved money, and space while at it. It may be somewhat “big”, but it fits quietly away on one side of my desk. Hardly a space guzzler. I wonder if this was one of Job’s plans, or a revamp by Cook. Regardless, it strays away from the ideals that made Apple what it is today. Ease of use, user friendly, innovative design, and apart from the status quo. Now it seems focused more on consumer spending. The more the system can’t be upgraded, the more money to be made with external peripherals, including the cables.

  • Eric

    …When I upgrade soon, it will be to an older model Mac Pro so that I can still keep all my devices internal.

    I agree with you entire post. I just hope that the older (real) Mac Pros will still be supported, and not obsolete in a matter of a few years. All my Macs have given me well beyond the normal expectancy of PC systems. I’d say I get a solid 5-6 years from them, before I have to start considering upgrading. Even then, I’d still squeeze another year or two. And only because new apps and OS, no longer support the architecture.

  • Claude_Ballse

    Who actually still clutters their desk with Hard Drives, let alone even installs them? Seriously? Everyone I know uses a NAS. Unless you’re running 10 GigE, Thunderbolt is the only thing that can run faster than the included 1 GigE ethernet. Plus with a NAS you have protection from both a secure location as well as RAID to help protect data when you have a bad Hard Drive. If you’re running your own business, why wouldn’t you do this to protect your data anyways? Plus of course there is the bonus of getting to access your data from a remote location. I really don’t understand what all of the fuss about this is. Unless you’re running Time Machine, or have an external drive that you use to transport extremely large amounts of data that can’t fit onto a Flash drive, there really isn’t any reason to have all these extra drives either inside of your MacPro or on your desk. Even then with a transport drive, you’re not going to mount that inside anyway, so how is that different? Perhaps it’s just my own experience with having to unpack, set up, move, tear down, and decommission heavy MacPros that I’m a bit biased to an extent. But realistically, how does any of this honestly change a single thing? It’s just an evolution. Floppy Drives disappeared as they gave way to Optical Drives. Optical Drives disappeared as they gave way to Flash Memory. Flash Memory storage gave way to Digital Downloads and Data Streaming. It’s no different here as Internal Drive Expansion gives way to Network Drive Expansion. It’s just another evolution.

  • Paul Burt

    All of those external devices could be stacked so neatly right next to the Mac Pro. As I’ve said from the beginning, the Pros are blowing this whole thing way out of proportion. That’s the only sad truth here.

  • MrsCleaver

    Oh god, we’re back to this stupid, inaccurate story again, this time as though it’s humorous. Last time this story (with the same photo) showed up, it was roundly and soundly debunked by reader after reader as an unfair issue, and even more ridiculous photo.

    I get that it’s slow news about Apple and Mac lately, but this issue again? Really?

  • jahsoul

    *reads through comments and can kind of tell who the Mac Pro was never meant for*

    That picture is really the first thing that I thought when the new “Mac Pro” was announced. I think they are trying to make this into an extremely expensive consumer device. I’ve been saying for years that the professional has been getting ignored. I agree with lwdesign and I’m going to “upgrade” to the 12 core model or maybe just build a Hackintosh like others that I know who got tired of waiting for Apple to refresh the Mac Pro.

    @Claude – It is many people who still installs hard drive, myself included. Do I have a NAS? Yes. Can I access files faster on my 256GB SSDs in Raid 0? Without a doubt. It’s more than just having additional storage but sadly, your mindset is the direct that Apple is trying to steer people in.

  • rhassan


    anyway, Pro user most likely use proper file servers or at least a network NAS. if you can purchase this mac pro, you should be able to purchase NAS. Other devices should be connected to Cinema display’s port for easy access.

  • jahsoul


    It’s more than just storage that people have to deal with. The new Mac Pro forces EVERYTHING to be an external device. Seriously, why is that so hard for anyone to understand? What about those that purchased $1000+ PCI-e audio interfaces? I guess Mac Pro users got money to blow so this shouldn’t be nothing? Why should I spend more money for something that still works perfect because Apple wants everybody to use Thunderbolt, which is still slower than a PCI-e connection? If I wanted everything to be external, I would have invested in an iMac or MacBook Pro instead of a Mac Pro. That is just my personal usage.

    *looking online for cheap 12 core Mac Pros*