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How to sell your old iPhone or iPad


iPhone X scuffs
Be honest about wear and tear on your old iPhone.
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Maybe you got a new iPhone or iPad for Christmas. And now you must deal with offloading your old device. (Thanks a lot, Santa.)

You can give away your old iPhone, or sell it, but before you do either of those you need to do a little prep work. Today we’ll see how to find out how much your old iPhone or iPad is worth, and then how to make it safe to sell.

7 questions to ask before buying a used phone


how to buy a used phone
If you want to buy a used phone, you should take some precautions.
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If you’re in the market for a new smartphone, checking prices could give you a serious case of sticker shock. Both the iPhone 7 and Google’s Pixel start at $649 and go up from there, with a top-of-the-line iPhone 7 Plus selling for $969.

If you’re OK with having something that’s a little less than the latest model, going with a used phone can save you a bundle. The downside? Getting a good deal — and a phone that works — takes more effort than buying a new phone off the store shelf. If you’re willing to put in some legwork to save cash, here’s what you need to know about buying a used cell phone — and seven questions to ask before doing so.

Get ready for used Apple Watch trade-ins


Apple Watch - useful, or just a trend? Photo: Apple

One of the biggest questions surrounding the Apple Watch is how well its value will stand the test of time. Will Apple offer some sort of upgrade program for the opulent 10K Edition model? Will the tech-laden timepiece on your wrist be obsolete in two years?

Gazelle is banking on there being a thriving market for used Apple Watches as early adopters upgrade, much like there already is for used iPhones and iPads. The company announced its new trade-in program today ahead of the Watch’s April release.

Apple Confirms iPhone Trade-In Program Available Nationwide Today


iPhone 5 Apple Store

Apple has confirmed to CNBC that a new iPhone trade-in program will be available in Apple Stores across the United States today — less than two weeks before the Cupertino company is set to announce the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

Customers will be able to exchange their old Apple smartphone for a gift card, which can then be redeemed against a new device with a new two-year contract.

Sell Your Used iPhone To Gazelle Now, Only Send It In After You Get The iPhone 5S


Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 7.44.05 AM

In the two weeks preceding every major Apple product launch, the buy-back companies start circling, trying to convince you to sell your old iPhones and iPads to them instead of the competition. This year’s iPhone 5S and 5C launch is no exception, and even Apple is rumored to be starting a buy-back program.

Gazelle is one of the oldest “recyclers” of used iOS devices, and we have recommended the service before. This year, though, their service is getting even better, because they are allowing now offering a price-lock guarantee.

Turn Used Gadgets Into Gold Nuggets With Gazelle [Sponsored Post]



This post is brought to you by Gazelle.

Have you recently gotten a new iPhone, iPad or MacBook? Before you get a new one or if you already have it, make sure you sell your used phone or gadget to Gazelle for cash! Don’t bury last year’s gadget in a drawer — find out what it’s worth on Gazelle.com.

Gazelle takes the risk and effort out of selling electronic gadgets online with benefits such as free shipping and packaging and comprehensive identity and data removal. To date, Gazelle has accepted more than one million trade-ins, helping consumers upgrade to the latest technology and earn quick cash.

iPhone Trade-in Prices Have Started To Drop After iPhone 5 Announcement



If you didn’t sell your iPhone 4/4S before the announcement of the iPhone 5, you’d better do it soon before its value drops considerably. Reports have already come in that iPhone trade-in prices have started to drop on most major iPhone trade-in sites.

In the two days since Apple announced the iPhone 5, values on used iPhones have already dropped as much as 8%. Once the iPhone 5 hits shelves next week, values are expected to drop even faster.

The Best Places To Sell Your Old iPhone To Get An iPhone 5 [Guide]




Upgrading to the iPhone every year is costly, but if you keep your iPhone in great condition, you can always sell it right before the next iPhone comes out and use that to supplement the cost of upgrading.

Knowing the best place to sell your iPhone can be the tricky part because there are dozens of places you can go to as each vendor is different and will  offer you different methods and prices. Here are the best places to sell your iPhone now so you can get an iPhone 5.