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Apple regains No. 1 smartphone-maker crown from Samsung


iPhone lineup 2021
This is the first time Apple has achieved the milestone since 2016.
Photo: Denis Cherkashin/Getty Images CC

The success of the iPhone 12 once again made Apple’s the world’s top smartphone maker in terms of sales, research firm Gartner says.

Provided the firm’s figures are accurate, this will be the first time in half a decade that Apple ranked No. 1. It means 5G-enabled iPhones fought off stiff competition from its longtime frenemy.

iPhone shipments remain stable while rivals sink in submerged economy


iPhone light tunnel image
iPhone shipments remain steady. That's all anyone can hope for right now!
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You know that badass cliché where one person staggers out of a room, slightly worse for wear, only to utter the words, “You should see the other guy”?

That’s pretty much the role Apple plays when it comes to second-quarter smartphone shipments, as reported by research firm Gartner. While Apple’s 0.4% dip year-over-year means iPhone sales remain flat, that’s certainly a whole lot better than the overall 20.4% decline across the industry.

5G might spark turnaround in smartphone sales


Good job, Tim! The iPhone 11 event got our heads spinning.
The iPhone 11 Pro could get upstaged by a 5G version.
Photo: Apple

That sluggish smartphone market we often write about could recover lost ground this year, with high-speed 5G networking driving upgrades.

This prediction, if true, might be the tea leaves Apple is banking on as it prepares a new lineup of iPhones featuring the much-anticipated next-gen wireless tech.

Mac shipments fall in 2019 despite impressive growth for PCs


Bag yours before it's too late!
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A big MacBook Pro refresh and a long-awaited Mac Pro overhaul couldn’t prevent Apple computer shipments from suffering another decline in 2019, according to new data.

Both IDC and Gartner say Mac shipments fell during the final quarter of 2019, and for 2019 as a whole. That’s despite decent growth for PCs, which enjoyed the highest single-quarter shipment volume in four years during Q4.

Intel chip shortages put a crimp in Mac sales


Intel Core processor
Not enough Intel Core processors is the reason Apple can’t meet demand for its computers.
Photo: Intel Corporation

Intel continues to struggle to provide enough processors to meet demand from PC makers, and one of the victims was Apple. This is likely the cause for a slight drop in Mac shipments during the second quarter of this year.

AirPods could someday replace your Apple Watch


Ear-worn devices like these AirPods could become the most-used type of wearable.
Photo: Ste Smith/ Cult of Mac

Smart watches are currently the most popular form of wearable, but ear-worn devices are expected to replace them in the coming years. The changeover will take place as AirPods and similar products gain additional features that people now get from Apple Watch and iPhone.

In less than five years, so-called “hearables” could outsell every other type of  wearable by a wide margin.

Mac sales declined in Q3, despite new MacBook Pros


2018 MacBook Pro
Even the shiny new 2018 MacBook Pro models couldn't save Mac sales last quarter.
Photo: Apple

The third quarter of this year wasn’t a particularly good one for Apple, with Mac sales dropping a significant amount. That doesn’t say positive things about sales of the 2018 MacBook Pro models that debuted this summer.

Still, the company held onto its place as the world’s fourth-largest PC maker.

Smartphone sales decline for first time ever in 2017


iPhone X
iPhone X didn't come out early enough to give Apple a sales boost.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

The world may have passed its peak smartphone moment last year.

Smartphone sales data released today from the number crunchers at Gartner revealed that worldwide smartphone sales declined for the first time ever during the last quarter of 2017. Both Apple and Samsung saw their market share decline just slightly, but good news could be on the horizon.