Apple’s U.S. Mac Sales Expected To Drop 5% In September Quarter



For the past two years it’s seemed that the Mac was invulnerable to the sudden drop in PC sales that have plagued other OEMs, but things aren’t looking too rosy for the Mac anymore either.

A new study from NPD Group found that Mac sales were flat year-over-year during July, and if things keep going at this rate, Apple’s domestic Mac sales will be down 5% year over year for the September quarter.

Even though Apple just introduced a new lineup of MacBook Airs, the dip in sales can hardly be a surprise to anyone who’s been watching the PC industry get cannibalized by the iPad. During its last earnings call, Apple announced total Mac sales dropped to 3.8 million versus 4 million in Q3 2012, but domestic sales fell 12%.

A new lineup of Macs may help boost sales at the tail-end of the year, but analyst Gene Munster predicts that the Mac will account for a mere 11% of Apple’s business in 2014, and only 9% by 2015, no matter how badass that new Mac Pro is.

via: AllThingsD