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Jony Ive is reportedly in the running to take the driver’s seat at Ferrari


Ex-Apple design chief Jony Ive has long been passionate about cars. Now he might be headed for Ferrari.
Ive has long been passionate about cars.
Photo: Matt Lamers/Unsplash CC

Since leaving Apple in the middle of last year, Sir Jony Ive has launched a new design agency, LoveFrom, and taken on clients including Airbnb. Now he could be headed for the figurative driver’s seat at Ferrari — as the Italian luxury carmaker’s next CEO. Possibly.

According to a report from Reuters, Ive — by far the best-known designer in Apple history — is in the running to take over as Ferrari’s next CEO. Given Ive’s love of high-end cars, that has to be a job he would be tempted by!

Ferrari boss thinks Cupertino will outsource Apple Car


Apple Car
Magna International Inc. is making cars for BMW.
Photo: BMW

It’s an open secret that Apple is building it’s own electric car, but according to the chairman of Ferrari, Sergio Marchionne, it’s unlikely that the company will actually manufacture the vehicle on its own.

In an interview this morning on CNBC, Marchionne said that he believes the automotive industry is a space where Apple could really exhibit its skills. However, designing a car and making it are two different things, so Apple will probably have to outsource production.

Fiat CEO says Apple’s planning an ‘intervention’ for the car


We'd like to buy this directly from Apple, OK?
iCar Concept art: Josh Baré/DeviantArt CC
Photo: Josh Baré/DeviantArt CC

The CEO of Fiat Chrysler made a recent trip to Silicon Valley that included a ride in Google’s self-driving car as well as a meeting with Tim Cook to talk about Apple’s automotive ambitions.

Sergio Marchionne, Fiat’s chief executive, spoke Saturday at the opening of a Maserati dealership near Toronto, Canada, and said he had recently met with both Apple and Tesla to talk about the future of cars — and found out more about what Apple’s planning.

This Week In Cult of Mac Magazine: The CarPlay Revolution


carplay Amazon
Cover design Rob LeFebvre.

This week Cult of Mac Magazine looks under the hood at Apple’s new CarPlay iOS 7.

Called “smart and seamless” by those lucky enough to test it out behind the wheel of a Ferrari at the International Geneva Motor Show, the system will be coming to a dashboard near you as soon as 2014.

Reporter Luke Dormehl talks to experts about what the impact will be for the rest of us: whether smart driving and whether we’ll all be heading down the road to the quantified ride anytime soon.

There is a lot of misinformation about CarPlay — from Apple’s relationship with automakers to the suggestion that it’s working side-by-side with BlackBerry  — and the analysts we spoke to have an interesting take on what the new system means for Apple and where the Cupertino company might be headed.

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Ferrari Shows Off CarPlay In Geneva With Apple Exec Greg Joswiak


Ferrari chairman Luca di Montezemolo and Apple's Greg Joswiak at the Geneva Motor show
Ferrari chairman Luca di Montezemolo and Apple's Greg Joswiak at the Geneva Motor show

Yesterday Apple announced CarPlay, and we’ve already seen the software working in Volvo and Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Apple’s head of iOS marketing, Greg Joswiak, took the stage with Ferrari at the Geneva Motor Show to unveil CarPlay in the Ferrari FF, the world’s fastest four-seater.

CarPlay is launching this week with Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo on board. Apple says more partners are coming later this year, including BMW, Ford, Kia, Land Rover, Nissan, and Toyota.

Ferrari Debuts CarPlay In Geneva Tomorrow



What comes first, the iOS or the car? It’ll be a toss up to see what turns more heads when Ferrari debuts Apple’s new CarPlay system tomorrow at the Geneva motor show.

The drool-worthy demo of the new iOS pairs it with the Italian carmaker’s much-anticipated California T, a 3.9-liter, direct-injected V8 convertible. Apple’s new Siri-controlled system will also be in play on the Ferrari FF, aka  the Ferrari Four, a four-wheel drive, four seater, pictured above.

Maranello announced as of tomorrow, March 4, Ferrari drivers can benefit from a “simpler and safer” system to use their iPhones behind the wheel.

Stay tuned!

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Vrooooom! Single Men Everywhere Will Love The “Ferrari” AirPlay Speaker



Hey fellas. You know what the laydeez love more than anything? Ferrari-branded gear, that’s what. When they see a man in a Ferrari jacket, or toting a Ferrari laptop, or – best of all – topped with a Ferrari baseball cap, do you know what she thinks? She thinks that you must own a Ferrari! Or that you drive one for a living, probably in those macho Formula One races.

More than anything, she can’t stop thinking about your Grand Prix.

Apple Senior VP Eddy Cue Joins Ferrari’s Board Of Directors



Apple’s had dreams of making a car for a long time. Rumors have even floated around that Steve Jobs really wanted to make an iCar and that Apple considered making an iCar before they made the iPhone, but decided against it.

Well, if you can’t make your own car, you might as well team up with one of the most luxurious car companies in the world. In a statement today, Ferrari announced that Eddy Cue, a senior vice president at Apple, will be joining their board of directors.