Apple turned down offer to buy Tesla on the cheap


The Tesla Model 3 is the company’s sedan
When Tesla was struggling to launch the Model 3, the CEO investigated selling the company to Apple.
Photo: Tesla

Apple could have bought electric automaker Tesla at a bargain price, according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk. But Apple’s chief executive wasn’t interested.

Musk revealed this historic bombshell Tuesday, alongside his comments on a recent report about Apple’s plans for a self-driving vehicle.

‘Embarrassingly late’ Tesla app update will introduce two-factor authentication


A Tesla Model X similar to this one crashed in 2018.
Tesla's app lets owners remotely operate vehicle features.
Photo: Tesla

The official Tesla app is finally getting two-factor authentication (2FA) — in an update that Tesla CEO Elon Musk himself admits is “embarrassingly late.”

2FA is necessary for the Tesla app because it allows users to remotely control features such as locking and unlocking the vehicle, locating it, flashing its lights, and more. The addition of extra security is therefore something that would be extremely useful.

Celebrate Elon Musk’s SpaceX Mars ambitions with custom iPhone 12 Pro


Musk on Mars phone
All yours for around $5,000.
Photo: Caviar

The iPhone 12 isn’t out yet, and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has yet to fulfill his ambition of landing on Mars — but Russian luxury firm Caviar is getting ahead of the game.

This week, it announced a new limited series of 19 “Musk Be On Mars” iPhone 12 Pro handsets. Rather than being blinged out with gold and diamonds like previous Caviar iPhones, these special-edition units will feature “a piece from the SpaceX spaceship that was in space,” bas relief of the Dragon spacecraft, and a laser-engraved Musk signature.

All yours for a starting price of $4,990.

Avatarify lets you gatecrash your next Zoom call as Steve Jobs or Elon Musk


Steve Jobs Zoom call
That's one way to liven up your next work meeting.
Photo: Avatarify

Zoom calls have exploded during the current coronavirus lockdown. But if you’ve already exhausted the possibilities of different angles and backdrops for your video calls, why not try being a different person entirely? You know, like former Apple CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs.

At least, that’s the tech demo/experiment created by coders Ali Aliev and Karim Iskakov. They’ve developed an Animoji or Memoji-style tool called Avatarify that lets users superimpose a real-time mask onto themselves during video calls.

Tesla’s Cybertruck design looks better on an iPhone


iphone that looks like Cybertruck
What are the chances Elon Musk will have one on order by the end of the day?
Photo: Caviar

Elon Musk’s Tesla Cybertruck was laughed at by critics for its angular, alien look. But the futuristic design may win more style points on an iPhone.

Russian luxury jeweler Caviar is showing off its latest mod job, a titanium iPhone 11 Pro inspired by Musk’s prototype of an electric truck unveiled in December.

Elon Musk borrowed Steve Jobs’ ‘One more thing’ trick for Cybertruck event


Steve Jobs’ estate triumphs in battle over
Elon Musk learned from the best.
Photo: Kazuhiro Shiozawa/Flickr CC

Elon Musk borrowed Steve Jobs’ trademark “One more thing” announcement at the end of Thursday’s unveiling of its electric pickup, the Cybertruck.

Gearing to leave the stage after showing off the futuristic vehicle, Musk stopped for one last announcement. “Oh by the way, we made an ATV,” he said, before it was driven onto the stage.

Larry Ellison, one of Steve Jobs’ best friends, is joining Tesla’s board


Larry Ellison
Larry Ellison is the ultra-successful founder of Oracle.
Photo: Oracle Corporate Communications

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, the close friend of Steve Jobs who Jobs’ kids called “our rich friend,” has joined Tesla as a member of its board.

Ellison was the first person Jobs sought to join Apple’s board of directors after Jobs resumed control of Apple in the 1990s. He stayed until the early 2000s. Interestingly, in recent years Tesla and Apple have been considered rivals more often due to both of their work in building tech-heavy car projects.

Elon Musk says Apple doesn’t ‘blow people’s minds’ anymore


Musk says he still uses an iPhone, but doesn't think Apple is putting a dent in the universe these days.
Photo: Recode/Facebook

Elon Musk doesn’t think that Apple products “blow people’s minds” in the same way that they did at one point in time.

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO briefly shared his thoughts on the company during an hour-long interview with Recode‘s Kara Swisher. While Musk noted that he still uses an iPhone, he also gave the impression that he views Apple as a company whose most exciting days may not be ahead of it.

Kanye surprises Apple store with bizarre tabletop ‘keynote’


Kanye West's new album Ye drops today on Apple Music (and elsewhere).
Ye, Ima let you finish, but Steve Jobs was the greatest keynote speaker of all-time.
Photo: Mark Azali/Flickr CC

Customers at the Apple store in Washington D.C. we’re taken by surprise this afternoon by an impromptu keynote hosted by Kanye West.

After telling Trump this morning that Apple should make the president an iPlane, West apparently went to a nearby Apple store and asked if he could hold a keynote on top of iPhone and iPad display tables.

The entire scene looks amazingly bizarre: