Remote-working Apple engineers use AR to guide technicians in China


Apple augmented reality has business potential
Photo: Apple

Apple engineers used remote control robots and iPads equipped with custom augmented reality software to guide technicians in overseas factories, due to the coronavirus lockdown.

Usually Apple engineers make frequent visits to places like China, where Apple carries out manufacturing. However, this year’s coronavirus lockdown has made this impossible — leading to Apple having to make some tech-savvy adjustments.

Apple’s biggest manufacturer is building AR glasses of its own


Apple’s first AR headset could launch in 2022, AR glasses in 2023
Apple is also reportedly developing its own AR glasses.
Concept: Taeyeon Kim

Foxconn, Apple’s biggest manufacturing partner, is reportedly developing its own augmented reality (AR) smart glasses. These will be used in retail, smart factories, and smart medical care.

The AR glasses will utilize micro LED displays, one of the next-gen display technologies that Apple plans to use in future products. Apple is also said to be hard at work on its own AR glasses, tentatively dubbed “Apple Glass.”

Apple could start introducing AR bonus content to Apple TV+ shows


Could this be a nice boost to grow Apple TV+ subscribers?
Photo: Apple

Apple reportedly plans to start adding augmented reality (AR) content to Apple TV+ programming, Bloomberg claims in a report published Wednesday.

The AR feature, which will supposedly debut next year, aims to find “new ways to attract and retain” subscribers for Apple’s VOD subscription service. Apple also hopes to use it to show off its AR tech.

Apple documentary Infinite Canvas shows artists exploring AR


Infinite Canvas 1
New documentary explores the magic of augmented reality.
Photo: Apple

Apple has debuted a new, free-to-watch documentary on Apple TV, directed by renowned photographer Ryan McGinley. Infinite Canvas follows “seven visionary artists as they push the boundaries of their work by exploring the uncharted territory of augmented reality art.”

The film is based on an AR[T] experimental art series that Apple staged last year at Apple Stores in San Francisco, New York, London, Paris, Hong Kong, and Tokyo.

Awesome Snapchat filter shows how we’ll navigate the metro in the age of AR


SmarTrip 1
Imagine being able to call up a metro map out of thin air.
Photo: Gerald Nash

Imagine riding the subway when you realize you’re not quite sure of the changes you need to make on your journey. No problem! Simply whip out your smartphone, aim it at your travel pass, and watch a virtual map pop up in front of you.

Science fiction? Nope. It’s a proof-of-concept AR demo created by computer science student Gerald Nash. It gives a taste of the future, courtesy of a Snapchat filter, that will turn your Washington DC SmarTrip card into a trigger for a floating AR map of the area. Check out the video below.

Jony Ive reportedly clashed with Apple exec over forthcoming VR/AR headset


Jony Ive
Jony Ive, who left Apple last year, reportedly had strong views on Apple's VR strategy.
Photo: Vanity Fair/YouTube

Apple’s VR and AR headset ambitions fueled a clash between Apple Technology Development Group executive Mike Rockwell and former design boss Jony Ive, who left Apple last year, a new Bloomberg report claims.

The article traces the development of an Apple VR and AR headset to late 2015. It claims Apple dedicated up to 1,000 engineers to work on a project aiming to be the first major new product since the Apple Watch. However, the project has been subject to disagreements about its direction.

Adobe Aero augmented reality creation tool goes multisensory with spatial audio


An AR experience created by Naima Almeida with Adobe Aero.
Designer Naima Almeida used Adobe Aero to design an imaginary interactive garden with integrated spatial sound effects.
Screenshot: Naima Almeida

Artists can use an iPad or iPhone to create augmented reality experiences with Adobe Aero. And today the software added support for embedding audio into AR experiences. It’s now possible to add sound effects to virtual objects overlaid on the real world by this app.

Aero is free, and is intended for creatives not coders.

Gesture-controlled ‘Apple Glass’ could debut this year for $499


John Prosser
Don't expect them to ship for a while, though.
Photo: Jon Prosser/Front Page Tech

Renowned Apple leaker Jon Prosser unloaded a shedload of information Tuesday about Apple’s rumored augmented reality glasses, which he claims will be called Apple Glass. In a packed new video, Prosser says Apple plans to show off the AR specs as a “one more thing” reveal at a keynote as soon as late 2020.

The glasses will cost $499 (plus prescription if needed), will display info on the inside of both lenses, and will operate via gesture controls, Prosser says. He also claims to have seen a prototype of the long-rumored device.

Amazing AR copy and paste demo is now a real iPhone app


AR Copy and Paste
It's copy and paste: the next generation.
Photo: Cyril Diagne/AR Copy and Paste

Sometimes you have to trust your gut when you launch a new app, believing that if it’s good enough people are going to find out about it. Other times, the demand is so great that you quite literally can’t ignore the clamor.

This second scenario is the one that 34-year-old artist, designer, and programmer Cyril Diagne recently found himself in. After showing off one of the coolest AR demos seen in ages on Twitter, he was inundated with requests to turn the futuristic “copy and paste” demo into a real app. Less than two weeks later, Diagne has done exactly that.