Ka-ching! Apple Pay Cash could arrive in Europe soon


Apple Pay
Sending money from your iPhone is about to get a lot easier in Europe.
Photo: Apple

Apple Pay Cash could be ready to make its debut in Europe.

Screens invited users to set up Apple’s peer-to-peer payments service have started popping up on devices on the other side of the Atlantic this week. Apple has also started publishing Apple Pay Cash support pages in European countries.

Privacy is the secret sauce that makes Apple Pay Cash special


Apple Pay Cash
Apple Pay Cash has one big advantage over its rivals.
Photo: Apple

From Apple Pay Cash to Venmo, there’s a growing number of peer-to-peer payment services that allow you to send cash to your friends. But which one is the safest to use?

Respected product testing publication Consumer Reports recently tested out the main apps in this space — including Apple Pay Cash, Venmo, Square Cash, Facebook Messenger, and Zelle. Although the report says that all of them work, Apple Pay Cash has one very important selling point that gives it the edge over its rivals.

Why you shouldn’t keep a large Apple Pay balance


New ad makes Apple Pay in Messages easy and funny.
Someone who has sent you money can potentially get your Apple Pay account locked. Which might be a real problem for some people.
Screenshot: Apple

Some people treat Apple Pay like a bank account. They keep a balance of cash on this payment system and use it to pay off debts or accept money from friends.

A Redditor has a story that shows a potential pitfall of this strategy, especially if a large sum of money is involved.

WhatsApp takes on Apple Pay Cash with peer-to-peer payments


WhatsApp on iPhone
WhatsApp payments are on the way.
Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

WhatsApp plans to take on Apple Pay Cash with a peer-to-peer payments system of its own.

Powered by UPI, the service is expected to rollout to users as early as next week following a beta test. It could launch with just three banking partners initially as WhatsApp races to compete with rival payments services.

Apple surprises devs with fifth iOS 11.2.5 beta


iOS 11
Apple just released a new iOS beta.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

It took Apple nearly no time to go from beta 4 to beta 5 on the latest update for iOS 11 that’s currently in development.

Developers were surprised to receive iOS 11.2.5 beta 5 this morning, just two days after Apple released the last beta build full of bug fixes and performance improvements for the iPhone and iPad.

Face ID and Apple Pay converge in Apple’s latest video


Face ID
Face ID is used for a lot more than just unlocking your iPhone X.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple’s is pushing to make Face ID as ubiquitous as Touch ID with its latest video that shows how the iPhone X makes Apple Pay even easier.

Because Apple removed the home button, activating Apple Pay on the iPhone X is a bit different than other iPhones. In the company’s new how-to video, Apple guides iPhone X owners through to process of making payments in stores.

Here’s how to do it:

Download iOS 11.2.1 immediately for crucial HomeKit fixes


HomeKit's huge security flaw has been fixed.
Photo: Apple

Apple released a brand new iOS 11 update for the iPad and iPhone this morning that makes some big fixes to HomeKit.

iOS 11.2.1 comes a little over a week after Apple dropped iOS 11.2 on the public bringing Apple Pay Cash and a host of bug fixes. The new update is being released along with tvOS 11.2.1 to restore some HomeKit functionality after Apple patched a bug server-side earlier this week.