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Top 3 tools for Mac developers


3 handy developer tools
These three apps solve three annoying problems with coding on the Mac.
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Whether you’re just learning how to code, you’re studying computer science or you’re a well-seasoned Mac developer, these three apps are sure to help you in your work. I have an app that adds a whole slew of new features to the Xcode Simulator, one that makes it easier managing packages in Homebrew and a better way to download and install Xcode.

All of these tools are, themselves, open source. There are links to each GitHub repo where you can learn from them and compile them yourself.

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This bundle is all you need to build your own apps and games this year.
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It’s unlikely that we’re going to stop wanting new apps anytime soon. So mobile app development remains one of the best skill sets to cultivate. This bundle of seven courses can build your mobile development chops.

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Now that iOS 13 is out, developers have a whole new set of tools and norms to play with. So if you’re looking to build apps, you’re going to have to get familiar. With this bundle of four comprehensive courses, you can get caught up at your own pace.