Stylish new ads showcase how iPad can simplify your life


The iPad and Apple Pencil is a winning combo.
Photo: Apple

The iPad is an extraordinarily versatile productivity tool, and Apple is keen to showcase that fact in a series of stylish new ads. The 15-second spots demonstrate the way that Apple’s tablet — alongside the Apple Pencil — can be used to make it easier to deal with your paperwork or computing on the move.

Check them out below.

Samsung’s sad new ad is packed with iPhone disses


Samsung ad
Samsung's not pulling any punches in its latest ad.
Photo: Samsung

The life of an iPhone owner is a truly miserable experience, according to the Android smartphone makers at Samsung.

Apple’s big Android rival put out a new ad today titled “Moving On” that attacks the iPhone for taking a few seconds to load a boarding pass and if you’re not careful you might totally get caught in the rain with one while waiting for an Uber.

Take a look at the sad life of an iPhone user:

Apple shows off iPhone X’s studio skills in new video


iPhone X portrait lighting ad
Up your selfie game with iPhone X's portrait lighting feature.
Photo: Apple

Apple debuted a new ad today that showcases the incredible powers of Portrait Mode on the iPhone X.

The fun new ad is similar in style to some of the wild Face ID ads Apple put out earlier this year and highlights how having an iPhone X is like literally carrying an entire array of studio lights in your pocket.

Check it out:

iPad makes homework a blast in Apple’s fun new ad


Kids, don't eat your iPad.
Photo: Apple

Homework was always a dreaded task back in the days of paper and pencil but in Apple’s new ad, doing homework looks like a total blast.

Eager to highlight its skills in the education market, Apple’s new iPad ad shows how the tablet can be used in creative ways to make learning a fun experience. The two minute ad follows a group of kids as they do a series of gravity experiments utilizing the iPad and Apple Pencil to complete the project.

Check it out:

Stars of The Office reunite for Apple’s new FileMaker ad


FileMaker is a subsidiary of Apple.
Photo: FileMaker, Inc.

Apple subsidiary FileMaker, which makes the popular “cross-platform relational database” of the same name, just launched a new ad, reuniting several stars from the U.S. version of hit comedy The Office.

Titled “Farm Time,” the ad stars Kate Flannery, Leslie David Baker, and Paul Lieberstein, who play Meredith, Stanley and Toby respectively. It borrows from the format of the failed The Office spinoff, The Farm, and tells the story of a news reporter who investigates a root vegetable farm whose success is attributed to their use of FileMaker.

Check it out below.

Apple ad-blocking features sabotage online advertising firms


Safari iOS 11
Advertisers aren't keen on the improved Safari in iOS 11.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple’s new ad-blocking feature for Safari is sabotaging online advertising firms. Some are losing hundreds of millions of dollars a year as a result of Intelligent Tracking Protection (ITP), introduced with iOS 11, which helps users avoid being tracked online.

Watch all of Apple’s new iPhone videos right here


iPhone X
The new iPhone X has arrived.
Photo: Apple

Apple just published a plethora of new videos and commercials today to go alongside the unveiling of the iPhone X, Apple Watch Series 3, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

The new videos also include the inspiring “Dear Apple” ad that Tim Cook showed of Apple customers reading real letters sent to the company after the Apple Watch inspired them to lead healthier lives.

Watch them all right here: