Apple ad-blocking features sabotage online advertising firms


Safari iOS 11
Advertisers aren't keen on the improved Safari in iOS 11.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple’s new ad-blocking feature for Safari is sabotaging online advertising firms. Some are losing hundreds of millions of dollars a year as a result of Intelligent Tracking Protection (ITP), introduced with iOS 11, which helps users avoid being tracked online.

Watch all of Apple’s new iPhone videos right here


iPhone X
The new iPhone X has arrived.
Photo: Apple

Apple just published a plethora of new videos and commercials today to go alongside the unveiling of the iPhone X, Apple Watch Series 3, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

The new videos also include the inspiring “Dear Apple” ad that Tim Cook showed of Apple customers reading real letters sent to the company after the Apple Watch inspired them to lead healthier lives.

Watch them all right here:

They’re leakin’ it! McDonald’s uses iPhone 8 render in latest ad


iPhone 8 McDonald's
Would you like an iPhone 8 with that?
Photo: McDonald's

What’s the best way to generate interest in your latest ad campaign? Include pictures of the next iPhone before it’s even announced, of course!

That’s exactly what McDonald’s has done, using an unofficial iPhone 8 render created by Benjamin Geskin, for a campaign to promote its new mobile ordering app down in Australia.

James Corden and Will Smith star in new Carpool Karaoke trailer


carpool karaoke ad
Smith and Corden had too much fun making this episode.
Photo: Apple Music

The official debut of Carpool Karaoke: The Series is just a few days away but music fans can get an early taste of episode one in the latest ad released by Apple.

Will Smith will be the first guest on the new show with creator James Corden singing along behind the wheel. Apple’s teaser for the episode shows The Fresh Prince busting out some of his classic songs along with getting down to other artists like R. Kelly.

Check it out:

Apple shares inspiring ‘Portrait of Canada’ in latest iPhone ad


Shot on iPhone ad screenshot
One of the many breathtaking shots of Canada shot on iPhone.

Apple published a new video to celebrate Canada’s inclusive spirit today as the company’s latest ad for its ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign.

The inspiring commercial was created by three Canadian artists with the help of iPhone owners across the country. Like many of Apple’s other ‘Shot on iPhone’ ads the new ‘Portrait of Canada’ spot features a montage of short videos and photographs captured by iPhone.

Apple shows the magic behind Memories in new iPhone ad


iPhone ad screenshot
iPhone automagically makes movies for you.
Photo: Apple

Apple has come out with a brand new iPhone ad this week, only instead of highlighting the device’s amazing hardware the commercial pulls back the curtain on how iOS creates ‘Memories’ based on the photos and videos in your camera roll.

The new ad follows a librarian as he carefully crafts a video for an iPhone owner that highlights the bond between a mother and her children. To accompany the ad, Apple also put out a new how-to that shows how to play the memories hidden inside your iPhone.

Try not to tear up while watching:

Apple yanks controversial Planet of the Apps ad from Twitter


Apple needs some help with its TV shows.
Apple needs some help with its TV shows.
Photo: Apple

The debut of Apple’s first original TV series, Planet of the Apps is getting off to a rocky start. Early reviews have been profoundly negative and the show’s ad campaign certainly isn’t winning over any new fans.

Apple’s Twitter account for Planet of the Apps sent out a new ad today that caused an uproar among fans who slammed it for being anti-family and promoting workaholism. The ad features one of the show’s app developers bragging about how he rarely sees his kids. It was quickly pulled but not before someone snapped a screenshot.

Take a look at the tone-deaf ad:

Apple busts out fresh new ads for iPad Pro and iMac Pro


The new iMac Pro brings awesome firepower to the desktop this December.
The new iMac Pro brings awesome firepower to the desktop.
Photo: Apple

Hot on the heels of it’s big batch of software and hardware announcements at WWDC 2017, Apple has published a series of new ads to its YouTube channel promoting its new products.

Apple fanboys won’t even be able to by the new iMac Pro until the end of 2017, but for now you can lust after it by watching Apple’s teaser ads over and over. There are also some new ad spots for the powerful new 10.5-inch iPad Pro.

Check ’em out:

iPhone gets reincarnated in Apple’s new Earth Day ad


L.I.A.M. works his magic in the new Apple ad.
L.I.A.M. works his magic in the new Apple ad.
Photo: Apple

Earth Day 2017 festivities ended over a month ago, but that’s not stopping Apple from busting out another one of the quirky cartoon videos it made for the holiday.

Apple published a new Earth Day video today that highlights the problems it faces in regards to recycling materials from old iPhones. The ad explains how iPhone parts get a second life after Apple’s robot Liam has stripped them all away.