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Apple spotlights Vogue‘s first Black cover photographer in brilliant Mac ad


Tyler Mitchell Mac ad
New ad shines a spotlight on talented up-and-coming photographer.
Photo: Apple

When I think back to the Mac ads that have been my favorite over the years, it’s the ones that show everyday users (albeit frequently exceptionally talented ones) using Apple products that really stand out.

A celebrity-filled ad that makes you laugh is all well and great, but the ads that demonstrate how Apple products can help to create art or empower ordinary people are some of the most powerful ones. Which is why the latest “Behind the Mac” ad is my favorite 2020 commercial so far.

Check it out.

Busch Light ad tries to squeeze remaining drops of humor out of Apple parodies


Busch Light
Drink if you've seen something like this before!
Photo: Busch Light

Mocking Apple keynotes is probably about the laziest advertising trope you’re likely to see. But that doesn’t stop attempt after attempt after attempt by companies to copy it.

The latest to try and rinse the remaining laughs out of the concept is Budweiser company AB InBev and their new ad for limited edition Busch Light Apple. It’s an apple-flavored drink, which makes it all too easy to picture how some tired group of copywriters sitting around at 4.45pm threw up their hands and said, “Why don’t we do it as an Apple parody?”

Does it raise the slightest smile? Check it out below to find out.

Beautiful drone shots in Apple’s new privacy ad will creep you out


Apple's camera man killed it on this ad.
Photo: Apple

Apple just posted a new video advertisement on Youtube, as the company does from time to time.

The ad is about privacy on iPhone which has been one of the company’s biggest talking points over the last few years. Honestly, I don’t think a single word from the ad actually entered my ears. I was too blown away with the creepy beautiful FPV drone shots that transport you from being a distant observer to an intimate guest in someone’s life.

Check it out:

Microsoft’s latest ad features Surface-loving guy called Mac Book


Microsoft ad
Yep, that's the guy's real name!
Photo: Microsoft

Apple rarely, if ever, pokes fun at its competition in ads these days. But that same lesson hasn’t been learned by Apple’s rivals — as a new Microsoft ad for the Surface Laptop 2 shows.

For the ad, Microsoft (or, rather, its ad agency) tracked down a real life guy named Mackenzie “Mac” Book from Sydney, Australia. Guess whether he prefers Microsoft or Apple’s laptop? The hint is in the fact that it’s a Microsoft ad.

Powerbeats Pro fuel 24-hour run through Iceland in breathtaking new ad


The scenery in the new Powerbeats Pro ad is astounding.
Photo: Beats

The insanely beautiful landscapes of Iceland serve as the backdrop for Apple’s latest Powerbeats Pro ad that will motivate you to get out and run.

Seven runners from the Paris Running Club embark on a daunting relay that takes them 280km through the wilderness of Iceland in the new ad. The goal is to chase the sun that doesn’t set for days and Powerbeats Pro are there every step of the way to make the run more magical.

Watch the full 90-second ad:

Copycat Xiaomi steals Apple ads to promote its Memoji clone


This looks familiar.
Photo: Apple.

Xiaomi’s new Memoji clone isn’t the first product it has shamelessly stolen from Apple. But it might just be its worst ripoff to date.

That’s not because Mimoji and Memoji sound exactly the same, or because the character designs are nearly identical. It’s because Xiaomi brazenly stole Apple’s commercials to promote it.

Apple’s latest ad will make believe an Apple Watch can fly


Flight 2
Apple's best commercial of 2019 so far.
Photo: Apple

The latest Apple Watch ad likens the Apple Watch Series 4’s cellular capabilities to the power of flight.

It features 29-year-old Finnish-American athlete Inka Tiitto, best known to U.S. audiences for her appearance in America’s Got Talent. It depicts Tiitto running through woods and mountainsides, before eventually being hurled upward into the sky for a dazzling skydiving display.

Check it out below.

Apple gets experimental in new iPhone XR ad


iPhone XR Spectrum ad
The new iPhone XR ad is crazy.
Photo: Apple

Apple is pulling out a Matrix-move for its new iPhone XR ad that features some of the wildest videography the company has ever put out.

Using a bullet time video rig mounted with 32 iPhone XRs, Apple showcases the low-light shooting powers of the iPhone XR. And boy is it mesmerizing.

You’ll want to watch this on your iPhone: