Twitter brings back the chronological timeline


Will Facebook and Instagram follow suit?
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Twitter’s chronological timeline is back.

The algorithmic timeline that was first introduced in 2016 remains the default, but users can now revert to the non-algorithm sorting method that Twitter originally offered for years.

Huawei tweets knock new iPhones for ‘staying the same’


Huawei tweets
What could Huawei be talking about?
Screenshot: Huawei/Twitter

Huawei, one of Apple’s biggest competitors in smartphone sales, fired off a series of tweets that mocked the iPhone maker immediately following Wednesday’s unveiling of new products.

Most of the tweets originating from Huawei’s mobile division were a kind of sarcastic appreciation, including one that said, “Thank you for keeping things the same.”

Smartphones covered in camera lenses will change everything


multi-camera smartphones
Take a picture or nine with this smartphone prototype from Light.
Photo: Light via Photo Rumors

Mobile phone photography has been through a mostly meaningless megapixel war. Now on to the next battle – the smartphone with the most cameras.

Apple, true to its playbook, will watch while other companies fire opening salvos with smartphones packing three or more lenses.

Another celeb gets caught promoting Android from their iPhone


When you're getting paid to promote the Google Pixel 2 XL, don't use your iPhone.
When you're getting paid to promote the Google Pixel 2 XL, don't use your iPhone.
Photo: Anushka Sharma/Marques Brownlee

It’s happened often enough now that it’s a thing: A celebrity is paid to gush about how much they love an Android device but they make their Twitter posts from an iPhone.

It’s a black eye for Android because it makes it clear which phone the celebrity really likes.

Leaving Apple off the list of most creative companies is unwarranted


Which is more creative, Apple or Samsung?
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

A new study tries to determine which companies are the most creative. The method used is open to dispute, especially as Apple is way back at eleventh place while its chief rival Samsung is in second.

Putting aside questions about methodology, the results are reflective of an attitude many people have about which of these two rivals is more innovative. This is the result of very different ways the two companies design their products. And it’s more than a bit unfair to Apple.

Fortnite gets new Getaway game mode and Grappler item


Fortnite High Stakes event
Get ready to make your Getaway.
Photo: Epic Games

Another brand new game mode is making its way to Fortnite Battle Royale this week as part of the recently-announced High Stakes event.

Getaway gives teams the opportunity to fight for safes with prizes locked inside. It will be accompanied by special cosmetics, challenges, and the new Grappler item.

Take a sneak peek at all three right here.

Now you can use olloclip lenses with all your devices


One mobile photography lens amount for many devices
Photo: olloclip

Rarely is a mobile phone lens attachment one-size-fits-all. But olloclip’s new Multi-Device Clip may come the closest.

Announced by the California-based company this morning, the new clip brings flush alignment of the camera and ollociip lens, even on handsets with screen protectors and thin protective cases.

Apple Music is getting a massive upgrade on Android


Apple Music
Android users won't miss out on new Apple Music features.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Apple Music is about to get a big upgrade on Android.

A beta version of its next major update reveals Android Auto support is on the way. A number of other new features will also be added to bring the Android version of the app in line with its counterpart on iOS.