Apple Music videos make the leap to Android


Music Video
Apple Music -- now with added music videos.
Photo: Apple

Apple has rolled out its new music video-oriented Apple Music app update for Android.

Now available to download in the Google Play store, the Apple Music 2.4.2 update boasts the same “music video experience” recently added with iOS 11.3. That means that users can access a plethora of exclusive music video playlists curated by Apple.

Apple rivals still pushing for fingerprint-scanning displays


Touch ID
Apple may have ditched Touch ID under glass, but Android makers haven't.
Photo: Apple

Apple is reportedly two years ahead of its Android rivals when it comes to the technology behind Face ID, and that’s left the competition scrabbling around trying to find an alternative.

The solution they’re exploring? Fingerprint sensors embedded in smartphone displays, a.k.a. the biometric security system that Apple was reportedly investigating before it turned its attentions to face recognition.

Carriers are already discounting Samsung’s Galaxy S9


Galaxy S9
The Galaxy S9 is one of the year's top handsets.
Photo: Samsung

The iPhone X is far from the only flagship handset to have reportedly suffered disappointing sales. Samsung’s Galaxy S9 may also be proving to be something of a disappointment, according to multiple reports.

One piece of evidence suggesting that this is the case? The fact that Verizon is already offering a buy one, get one free offer on Galaxy S9 handsets, while AT&T is giving customers a reduction of $595 off the price of handsets. That’s not something that’s typically offered for brand new iPhones!

iOS nips at Android’s heels in user loyalty


iPhone Loyalty
Apple fanboys get a bad name, but Android users are less likely to switch.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Americans are far less likely to switch between an iPhone and an Android smartphone than they once were. A new study shows that virtually all users of both types have little interest in moving to the other team.

Loyalty to Android is just slightly stronger than it is to iOS. Nevertheless, more people are switching away from Google’s operating system than they are Apple’s.

Apple Music update fixes streaming issues on Android


Apple Music
Apple Music works again on Android.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Apple Music subscribers who use Android devices can now enjoy stable streaming. Apple’s latest update fixes the frustrating playback issues some users were facing on certain devices. It also adds the ability to listen to music videos in the background.

Essential chief takes leave of absence over ‘inappropriate’ relationship


Andy Rubin
Andy Rubin allegedly dated a colleague at Google.
Photo: Google

Essential founder Andy Rubin has stepped away from the company following claims he had an “inappropriate relationship” with a colleague while at Google.

Rubin’s leave of absence comes just three months after Essential launched its first smartphone. A statement from his representative denies any wrongdoing.