Samsung’s expensive foldable phone is sounding more likely


This early prototype Samsung foldable phone suggests how the Galaxy X might look.
This early prototype Samsung foldable phone suggests how the Galaxy X might look.
Screenshot: Samsung

Fresh details have come to light about the foldable smartphone Samsung supposedly plans to introduce next year. Such devices could shake up the entire smartphone industry.

An inside source has leaked the size and a bit about the shape of this upcoming model. The price has also leaked, and it’s a whopper.

Google slapped with $5 billion fine for Android tactics


Android P has a similar swipe-based navigation system as the iPhone X, and it supports screen cutouts.
Google's been sneaky, the EU claims.
Photo: Google

Update: The European Commission has confirmed the fine, while also ordering Google make changes to rectify the problem.

Google is bracing itself to be hit with a 4.3 billion euro ($5 billion) fine as a result of its Android operating system strategy, the BBC reports.

The European Commission’s action will mark the conclusion of a three-year investigation into Android’s strategy, which unfairly strengths Google’s dominance as a search engine. The fine will be formally announced later today.

Samsung predictably takes shots at iPhone X in latest Galaxy S9 ad


Galaxy S9
Seriously, get a new ad strategy!
Photo: Samsung

Apple is known for strikingly original ads which have changed the course of advertising history, and are studied by creatives decades after they first aired. Samsung is known for ads that rip on Apple.

Its latest spot, which pokes fun at the supposedly slow download speeds of the iPhone X, is just the latest example. Check it out below.

UK’s Big Brother road signs watch for drivers using iPhones


UK Street signs watching for motorists using their phones are being tested .Big Brother anyone?
Street signs watching for motorists using their phones are being tested in Britain. Big Brother anyone?
Photo: Norfolk County Council

Distracted driving is a major source of accidents. In hopes of combatting the problem, road signs that can detect whether a cell phone is in use are being tested in the UK.

The signs currently just light up to remind the motorist to put down their phone. Plans to record the license plates of drivers receiving warnings are being considered. And traffic citations are the likely next step.

Netflix Smart Downloads manages TV shows for you


Netflix iPhone
Want to watch the next episode of your favorite show on the subway? Netflix Smart Downloads makes it easy by automatically replacing each watched episode with the next one.
Photo: Netflix

A new feature in the Netflix app will automatically download episodes of your favorite shows. This means they’re waiting on your phone or tablet when you’re ready.

Netflix already allows users to download episodes to watch later. The improvement announced today just makes it easier.

Microsoft may be building a ‘Movies & TV’ app for Android and iOS


Watching a movie on iPad
Microsoft hopes it will boost Microsoft Store downloads.
Photo: Apple

Microsoft is developing a “Movies & TV” app for Android and iOS in an effort to boost downloads from the Microsoft Store, according to a new report.

Customers can enjoy content purchased from Microsoft only on Windows platforms for now. The company hopes that by supporting new platforms, it will encourage more people to use its store over competitors like iTunes.

WhoSampled is like Shazam for samples and cover versions


WhoSampled digs into the DNA of your music.
WhoSampled digs into the DNA of your music.
Photo: WhoSampled

WhoSampled is an iOS (and Android) app that tells you whose samples were used in the music you’re currently listening to. Just like Shazam, you hold it up to a playing tune, and WhoSampled identifies the track. But then it also gives you a breakdown of all the other songs that were sampled to make that track, and can even list cover versions.

HTC is falling to pieces thanks to Apple


HTC Dream was the first Android phone.
HTC Dream was the first Android phone. But now its maker could be out of business in a year.
Photo: T-Mobile

HTC, once among Apple’s top rivals in the smartphone market, is laying off a quarter of its workforce. This is just the latest step in the slow collapse of the Taiwanese company.

This isn’t the result of some terrible misstep. There just doesn’t appear to be room in the current phone market for anyone but Apple, Samsung, and China-based phone-makers.

Millions of Americans watching World Cup on their iPhone or iPad


World Cup iPhone watching is a thing.
Extremely heavy downloads of apps like Fox Sports Go show that World Cup iPhone watching is a thing.
Photo: Fox

Living in America, it’s sometimes easy to forget the FIFA World Cup is going on now in Russia. Soccer isn’t one of the Big Four U.S. sports. Heck, most Americans don’t even call it by the right name.

But the fact that new downloads of the Fox Sports Go app grew 950 percent during the first week of the World Cup shows there are vast numbers of people living in this country watching the matches on their phones or tablets.