Apple shows off iPhone X’s studio skills in new video


iPhone X portrait lighting ad
Up your selfie game with iPhone X's portrait lighting feature.
Photo: Apple

Apple debuted a new ad today that showcases the incredible powers of Portrait Mode on the iPhone X.

The fun new ad is similar in style to some of the wild Face ID ads Apple put out earlier this year and highlights how having an iPhone X is like literally carrying an entire array of studio lights in your pocket.

Check it out:

Portrait Lighting

Apple introduced Portrait Lighting as one of the main new features on the iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus. The feature mimics studio lighting by combining lighting principles with machine learning to make portrait photos look even more professional.

In an interview earlier this year, Apple CEO Tim Cook said Portrait Lighting was one of the main new features that was wowing customers.

“This is something that you had to be a professional photographer with a certain setup to do in the past,” Tim Cook said. “Now, iPhone X is not a cheap product, but a lighting rig–these things were tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Check out this guide for a full tour on how to master Portrait Lighting.