Apple busts out iPad Pro tips in new vids


Sketching with an Apple Pencil is the merest tip of the iceberg of Apple’s suggestions for making your iPad Pro more useful.
Apple Pencil will soon convert your chicken scratches into legible text.
Screenshot: Apple

Making your iPad Pro more useful is the theme of a series of short videos released today by Apple. Each takes a common task and briefly shows how it can be tackled with a iOS tablet and Apple Pencil.

There’re suggestions on creating presentations and podcasts, going paperless, and more. Watch all five videos now.

None of the videos in this “A new way” series are how-to guides. They’re more aspirational; by demonstrating that something is possible they encourage watchers to learn more about iPad’s capabilities and available software.

Create presentations with iPad Pro

The video entitled “A new way to make a presentation” gives a high-level overview of using Apple Keynote and other tools to assemble great presentations:

 Take notes with iPad Pro

A video called “A new way to take notes” covers three note-taking methods available with this tablet and the Notability app. An external keyboard and the Apple Pencil are involved as handwriting, typing and drawing combine.


Forget about paper with iPad Pro

“A new way to go paperless” covers scanning documents into the iOS slate and adding annotations.

Record podcasts with iPad Pro

The USB-C port in the 2018 iPad Pro allows professional microphones to be used. Apple’s video titled “A new way to host your own podcast” shows that this can be combined with the Anchor app to record and upload a podcast to Apple Podcasts.

Interior decoration with iPad Pro

“A new way to design your space” shows various apps being used to sketch out improvements in a room’s layout.

This new video campaign is all part of Apple’s efforts to convince a somewhat skeptical public that the iPad Pro has become a serious alternative to a laptop. It’s not trying to be subtle about it, as the previous video was called “5 Reasons iPad Pro can be your next computer.”