This Week’s Must-Have iOS Apps: TweetDeck, Fring, Fahrenheit & More!



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12 responses to “This Week’s Must-Have iOS Apps: TweetDeck, Fring, Fahrenheit & More!”

  1. Mm_061292 says:

    Lamebook is $.99

  2. KillianBell says:

    My bad! Now amended.


  3. epramono says:

    I think TweetDeck 2.0 is a worthy alternative to the official Twitter app.
    A lot of improvements have been made by the developer team in this new version.
    I’ve posted a quick comparison review (head-to-head between the 1.x version and 2.0 version) here:
    You should check ’em out if you’re thinking of upgrading to the 2.0 version or want to look for alternatives for your current Twitter app.
    TweetDeck 2.0 really worths the checking out.

  4. Edgar Almeida says:

    i’m proudly trying out an app originally from my country, Portugal. It’s a weather app, maybe you could peek it, it’s called Weddar and it’s free.

  5. fortninety says:

    Fahrenheit would be awesome if the information it displayed was accurate. For the week or so I used it, that was never the case. Granted, the difference was only by a few numbers, but still…

  6. TrevorThom says:

    Lamebook app is HILARIOUS! Totally worth the 99 cents!

  7. speesh says:

    My eWeatherHD app will also show temperatures as a badge icon. Can’t show a minus though, which woul be useful right now – I’m in Denmark – though I don’t suppose you’d be in doubt…

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