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Elephas app uses AI to take the time and tedium out of writing


Powered by artificial intelligence, the cross-platform Elephas writing app works seamlessly with apps you already use.
Powered by artificial intelligence, the cross-platform Elephas writing app works seamlessly with apps you already use.
Image: Elephas

People in almost any business must write from time to time, whether they like it or not. But whatever the project — like a marketer’s blog post, a business leader’s executive summary or a developer’s technical use case — there’s a tool out there that makes writing easy and effective.

This post is brought to you by Elephas.
It’s the Elephas app, which runs on Macs, iPads and iPhones. It’s powered by artificial intelligence, and it works seamlessly with all the apps you already use. Sound like a useful tool? You can try Elephas for free, and get 20% off when you sign up for an annual plan.

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Elephas personal AI writing assistant

The Elephas personal AI writing assistant for macOS and iOS can really take the tedium — and much of the wasted time — out of writing tasks. It’s incredibly easy and intuitive to use on Mac, iPad and iPhone.

That’s because the app creates an AI layer that interacts with the apps you already use. You won’t have to go to a separate browser window or leave your working document. The app works across applications.

And the app’s main features make writing tasks super-easy, boosting your daily productivity. Let’s look at some of them.

Smart Write

The Smart Write feature helps you write everything from emails to white papers from scratch.

You can use it to punch out blog posts, turn notes into cohesive summaries, create HTML documents, conduct web searches without going to Google, and much more.


As Elephas notes on its website, “the essence of writing well is rewriting.” To that end, the app includes five rewriting modes to help you: Zinsser, Friendly, Professional, Persuasive and Viral.

Just to explain that first one, the app uses the principles of William Zinsser’s classic book, On Writing Well. It emphasizes the importance of writing short sentences, employing clear verbs, eliminating jargon, and utilizing active voice rather than passive voice.

The other modes simply help you with the tone you’re going for in your writing. That could be a chatty email reply (Friendly), a polite and professional meeting summary (Professional), a cogent sales pitch (Persuasive) or something you want to see take off on social media (Viral).

Continue Writing

With Elephas’ Continue Writing feature, you can select any content you’ve written and let Elephas continue the job for you. It can finish off all sorts of documents, whether they’re sales briefs, your resume, social media content, blogs or practically anything else.

And the rewrite modes work in this scenario, too. For example, if you realize you need to make your content more influential, try Persuasive mode. With just a few clicks, it can transform boring content into something that packs a punch.

And if you want to be an influencer online, Viral mode helps you pen engaging content for social media, getting you noticed.

Personalize with custom ‘snippets’

You also can customize content that you use repeatedly. Custom Snippets give you powerful personalization options so you can easily access recurring AI tasks.

A good example of this is a business text you send to a lot of different people. You can call up the snippet any time and just change the bits that are unique to the recipient, like their name and details like a requested time for a follow-up phone call.

Get 20% off Elephas when you sign up for an annual plan

You can take advantage of a free trial to try Elephas. If you like the software, and we think you will, you can choose from three monthly subscription plans. Take note that if you sign up for any annual plan, you get a 20% discount.

Price: 30-day free trial; $4.99 per month for Standard plan; $8.99 per month for Pro plan; $14.99 per month for Pro+ plan

Where to download: Elephas


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