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Maxed-out M1 Max MacBook Pro, curved 4K display, solid audio ... but a setup is never really done, is it?
Maxed-out M1 Max MacBook Pro, curved 4K display, solid audio ... but a computer setup is never really done, is it?

To the age-old question “Is a computer setup ever really done?” the answer is obviously “no.” There’s always something to add or something to fix, and once you do that it’s time to update something else (even if you don’t technically “need” the latest thing).

Today’s well-laid MacBook Pro setup has a nice curved monitor, but its user “craves” a Studio Display like he sees in other setups. And for that matter, how about a quieter mechanical keyboard and some plants that won’t die immediately, too.

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Man shed-based M1 Max MacBook Pro setup with curved 4K monitor wants a Studio Display

Redditor teh24 showcased the nice-but-maybe-not-perfect setup in a post entitled, “M1 Max nonprofit consulting office/setup.”

“Finally moved into my new home office/man shed on our new property,” he said. “Pretty happy with where this is at, though I crave those Studio Displays I’m seeing on some of your other posts. Someday… ”

And regarding his 2021 M1 Pro MacBook Pro with 64GB RAM and 3TB SSD, he added, “This thing is a beast.”

With those specs, there’s no doubt it is. He probably won’t be craving a new M2 Pro or M2 Max MacBook Pro anytime soon.

Trade-offs with 32-inch curved monitor

The burly 2021 laptop drives a 32-inch Samsung UR59 Series curved display. But, as he noted above, he wouldn’t mind a Studio Display instead.

On the one hand, that would get him 5K resolution (5120 x 2880p) over the Samsung’s 4K (3120 x 2160p). But, on the other hand, it would cost him 5 inches of screen real estate. A Studio Display spans 27 inches, not 32 inches.

And of course a Studio Display would cost him considerably more money, too. It goes for about $1,600 while the Samsung can be had for $350 or so. Too bad it looks like he missed Amazon’s recent $300 discount on Studio Display, but maybe it’ll come back.

On top of the Samsung monitor sits a BenQ monitor light. “I am happy to report [it] works perfectly on my curved monitor,” teh24 said. Some monitor lamps struggle with a curve.

AirPods Max and Polk Audio speakers

Other gear in the setup includes a flat-screen TV on the left (“for daytime baseball. Go Cubbies.”) and, for audio, AirPods Max as well as Polk Audio T15 100-watt bookshelf speakers mounted on stands. The speakers feature 5.25-inch woofers and 0.75-inch tweeters and can be mounted on the wall as an option.

The speakers are “connected to the record player on the left,” he said. It’s a U-Turn Audio Orbit Plus with a built-in preamp. You can see it in the photo below. “I love it,” teh24 said.

Keychron and Apple keyboards

The input devices are a Magic Mouse 2 and a Keychron K3 ultra-slim mechanical keyboard with a 75% layout.

“I love my Keychron K3 but need the Apple keyboard for meetings cause it’s quieter,” teh24 said of the mech keeb’s clacking.

“May I recommend (for quiet keyboards) the Realforce R2?” a commenter offered. “Very nice.”

Another recommended Logitech MX series keyboards, which include membrane and low-profile mechanical models.

Grovemade desk shelf

Teh24 mounts his display via an arm attached to a Grovemade desk shelf (monitor riser) that he referred to as a “scratch and dent” model.

“I’m local to Portland [OR], so I was able to visit their shop pre-pandemic,” he said. “What cool people!”

Grovemade, a popular maker of furniture and accessories featured in Setups, recently added small and medium sizes to it desk-shelf lineup.

Plea for hard-to-kill plant life

This angle gives you a better look at the display's curve, the Polk Audio speakers and the Keychron K3 slim mechanical keyboard.
This angle gives you a better look at the display’s curve, the Polk Audio speakers and the Keychron K3 slim mechanical keyboard.

And teh24 also asked for plant recommendations.

“I need to add some plants or something to my office, but my wife is convinced I won’t be able to keep them alive,” he quipped.

Helpful commenters recommended pothos and snake plants for easy care. And another person threw in a cool-sounding hack:

“Just get one of those self watering devices on Amazon (aka a wine bottle flipped upside down) or a pot with a self water tray and water once a week. You’re good.”

Nice bar setup, too

One thing this man-shed setup doesn’t lack is proper lubrication, so to speak. In the photo above you can see the full bar’s worth of premium liquor bottles arrayed on the shelves at right and in the back-left corner of the big desk.

One commenter admired the Laphroaig single-malt scotch from Islay, offering a trade-in-kind for a heavily-peated Port Charlotte. Cheers!

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