GeoRing Can Instantly Turn Your Entire Library Into Ringtones [New App]



Who wants complete ringtone freedom? Sure, you do. So Johnny Ixe of XVision (yeah, we’re wondering about the name too), the developer behind DataMan, has a new app called GeoRing that’ll play tracks from a user-created playlist whenever the phone rings — no extra ringtone-making fiddling or syncing or and just like DataMan, GeoRing can record where each call was answered (along with when and the call’s duration, of course).

There’s an included custom silent ringtone (so the iPhone’s actual ringtone doesn’t play over the music) and the ability to set where on the track playback starts. Pretty cool; we’d like to see the ability to assign songs to contacts though. GeoRing is a buck, and only works with iPhones 3Gs and 4.