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Mac mini rig’s monster monitor pushes standing desk to limit [Setups]


That 38-inch monitor is almost too much for the standing desk to handle.
That 38-inch monitor is almost too much for the standing desk to handle.

In a world of ever-increasing monitor sizes (and weights), you need a pretty tough, supportive desk — especially if it’s a motorized one for sitting or standing. Otherwise, the whole thing might wobble all over the place under the combined, imbalanced weight of your fabulous gear.

Today’s featured Mac mini computer setup copes with an electric desk that struggles under the weight of a behemoth of a curved ultra-wide monitor.

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M1 Mac mini rig’s monster monitor pushes standing desk to limit

Redditor json12 showed off the M1 Mac mini workstation in a post entitled “WFH Setup.” Json runs a pretty stout mini in that it packs the beyond-base spec of 16GB of integrated memory. But it stows an SSD of just 256GB.

And indeed, he noted the solid state’s drive lacks enough storage capacity. His answer to the question of whether 256GB is enough was unequivocal.

“256 GB is not enough. I have 1TB external drive connected which I use to offload data when internal drive gets full. If I had to do it again, I’d go with larger storage option,” he said.

Big Dell display tests standing desk’s limits

But the monitor the desktop computer drives actually drew most of the attention in the post.

It’s a 38-inch Dell USB-C WQHD curved LED monitor with 3820 x 1600 pixel resolution and a Logitech C920 HD webcam mounted on top. The beastly Dell first came out in 2017. It sits on an Ergotron LX monitor mount.

“How’s the wobbling with the Dell 38 inch + Ergotron LX extended + Standing desk when you are in the standing position?” asked a commenter who has similar gear on the way.

Json said his desk’s wobble is hard to master with the big display.

“This monitor is really pushing limits of how much it can hold so there is wobble even at tight settings,” he replied. “Wobble was noticeably less when I had it mounted in the center. This monitor weighs about 20LBS for reference.”

Why not push the desk against the wall?

Aside from wobbles, commenters questioned the desk’s placement away from the wall.

“Is there a reason you don’t push the desk against the wall?” asked a commenter.

“Behind that wall is kitchen and microwave and I feel it would pick up noise if I have right against it,” Json replied. “And I also wanted to stay close to window so I can enjoy the view a bit while working.”

Makes sense. But another person added on, to others’ agreement:

“It’s better to have your desk in the away from the wall like this if you have a dedicated room. It feels less cramped and more airy and at least for me, improves productivity.”

What’s that thing by the window?

You may notice an interesting piece of gear just to the left of the window in the photo above. Extra points if you can name it (hint: it’s not an elaborate espresso machine).

As one commenter in the post noted, it’s a Prusa 3D printer. The brand is well-regarded for its quality prints. One day, pretty soon, everyone may have one of these things.

And if you like the desktop wallpaper on the big display’s screen, you can look for it here.

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