Orbitkey Leather Holder and Slim Case reviews: Stylish AirTag holders

Carry an AirTag in style with clever Orbitkey holders [Review]


Orbitkey AirTag holders reviews
Attach an AIrTag to your keys or other item with the Orbitkey Leather Holder or Slim Case.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Orbitkey offers a pair of AirTag holders that make it easy to attach Apple’s tracking tag to your keys or purse. The Slim Case has a minimalistic design, while the Leather Holder wraps the AirTag in a stylish sleeve.

I used both holders to see how they stood up to real-world use.

Orbitkey AirTag holders reviews

Apple AirTag doesn’t have a built-in loop. A case of some kind is necessary to attach the tracking tag to. You want one that looks a good but won’t interfere with the function of the tag.

Orbitkey’s AirTag holders take two very different paths to reach the same goal. The Slim Case is the absolute minimum needed to hold the tracker tag, putting Apple’s device in full display. In contrast, the Leather Holder covers the AirTag as much as possible, putting the utter minimum of the tracker on display.

Orbitkey Slim Case review

Orbitkey Slim Case review
The Orbitkey Slim Case is an AirTag holder without a lot of fuss.
Photo: Orbitkey

The Slim Case wraps around the sides of the AirTag, and just a bit on the front and back. It leaves the Apple logo clearly on display — the same goes for the emoji that many people have Apple print on the other side of the tracker tag.

As noted previously, the design is focused on putting the AirTag on full display, not the holder. Still, the product is available in either black or grey.

I tested and the case doesn’t interfere with the AirTag’s functionality. That’s not surprising, considering how open it is.

The AirTag holder is well made. It’s plastic but seems ready to stand up to long-term use. And I like that it adds minimal bulk and weight to the tracker tag.

The metal loop built into the Orbitkey Slim Case has room enough for a reasonable number of keys. If you want to carry a huge number you’ll need to attach another ring to this loop.

I do have a concern about the holder. The AirTag pops into the case fairly easily. And I’m left wondering if — under the right circumstances — it might pop out just as easily. I used it for a couple of days and this never happened. But if your keys live an unusually exciting life, this might not be the product for you.

The Orbitkey Slim Case costs $14.90.

Orbitkey Leather Holder review

Orbitkey Leather Holder review
The Orbitkey Leather Holder pairs well with a luxury car.
Photo: Orbitkey

The Leather Holder is a more luxurious AirTag case. It wraps around the back and sides of the tracking tag, leaving only a window in the front.

You have your choice on which side of the AirTag appears through the window, the silver one with the Apple logo or the white side with the optional emoji.

The leather is well sewn, and the whole look of Orbitkey’s holder is about as stylish as something so functional can be. You have your choice of black, espresso (brown) and blush (pink).

I had concerns that wrapping the AirTag in leather might affect its performance, but not so. I could see no difference when using my iPhone to search for the tracker tag when in the case versus when out of it. That’s true whether the silver or the white side faces outward.

The key ring built into the accessory is the usual size so it can hold a typical number of keys.

The Orbitkey Leather Holder costs $39.90.

Orbitkey AirTag holders final thoughts

It’s nice that the two AirTag holders from Orbitkey go to opposite extremes. The Slim Case is a minimalistic as possible while still doing the job, while the Leather Holder covers the item tracker tag as much as possible. It’s then up to the buyer to decide which better fits their needs.

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