iVoler Vertical Laptop Stand: Stylishly holds MacBook or iPad

This cool auto-resizing stand holds MacBook or iPad vertically [Review]


iVoler Vertical Laptop Stand review
The iVoler Vertical Laptop Stand saves room on your desk, and is just cool looking.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

What to do with your MacBook or iPad when you’re not using them? You can just leave them lying around but that’s wasteful of space. The iVoler Vertical Laptop Stand holds your computer upright, either when it’s charging or when you have an external screen and keyboard connected. Best of all, its clamp closes on your computer to securely hold it but also easily release it.

I tested the very affordable stand in my home office. Here’s why I love it.

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iVoler Vertical Laptop Stand review

iVoler’s desktop stand is made almost entirely of aluminum, not plastic. Silicone pads act as cushions to protect your computer from scratches.

What sets the stand apart from the usual is that its clamp closes down on your notebook when you insert it. The computer presses downward on a cushioned bottom plate and the two sides close in, securely holding the device vertically.

You don’t have to adjust anything. As long as your computer is no wider than 1.4 inches, the iVoler Vertical Laptop Stand can hold it.

The mechanism works well — drop the notebook into the stand and “chomp” the two side braces close in to hold the device upright. Start to pick the computer up and the clamp opens automatically.

The cushions do their job. After almost a week of testing there’s not the slightest scratch on my computer.

And the whole gadget looks great. It’s kind of sci-fi. And holding my laptop vertically is more professional looking than having it shoved off to one side of my desk.

iVoler Vertical Laptop Stand
iVoler’s stand is self adjusting — it holds devices in a variety of widths just as easily.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac


There are surely questions about stability — I had a few of my own. But that was before I tested the device.

The base of the iVoler Vertical Laptop Stand is 5 inches wide and 4.5 inches deep. The stand extends 2.7 inches up the laptop. You won‘t knock the computer over with a light bump. Heck, when I deliberately hit it, the laptop just bounces back.

I can give no better evidence than the fact that my cat regularly who walks around on my desk hasn’t knocked this setup over.


I primarily use iVoler’s stand as a place to put my laptop when it’s charging. That way it takes up a lot less room on my desk. But that’s not the only option.

Many MacBook users connect an external display and keyboard to their computer and use it as a desktop. The vertical stand is ideal for this use.

And it doesn’t stop there. The lowermost edges of the clamp curve upward, creating a pair of slots where you can place your iPhone and/or another device when they are charging. I tried it, and while the weight of the handset keeps the clamp from opening completely, it works.

iVoler Vertical Laptop Stand holds an iPhone, too.
The iVoler Vertical Laptop Stand can hold up to three devices, including a couple of iPhones.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

iVoler Vertical Laptop Stand final thoughts

This is an accessory that does one thing and does it well. iVoler made a stand that securely holds your MacBook or iPad so it takes up less room on your desk. And looks good doing it.


The iVoler Vertical Laptop Stand is $25.99. And it’s currently available for even less on Amazon: $17.99.

Buy from: Amazon

That’s a price that’s hard to beat for a well-designed and well-built product like this one.

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