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Keyboards collide: Apple Magic vs. Logitech MX Keys [Setups]


People choose sides in a fight between a Magic Keyboard and a Logitech MX Master Keys.
People choose sides in a fight between a Magic Keyboard and a Logitech MX Master Keys.

In a knock-down, drag-out fight between an Apple Magic Keyboard and one of its most popular alternatives, the Logitech MX Keys wireless keyboard, which would win? Actually, it might be more of a minor dust-up than a brawl. Maybe just a slightly heated discussion among proudly opinionated nerds, even.

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Input-device Thunderdome: ‘Two keyboard enter, one keyboard leave.’

We found more than half a dozen discussions on the matter on Reddit, though. And we also came across a computer setup post with some opposing viewpoints on the two popular keyboards. Redditor iimaaduddin’s page showing off their setup, “My Dual Monitor M1 Mac Mini Setup,” included comments supporting one or the other contender.

All it takes to sound the bell for round 1 is the right question from a commenter.

“Have you ever typed on one of the new Magic Keyboards (MacBook or iPad accessories)? If so, how would you rate the Logitech MX keys compared to that?”

Iimaaduddin, whom we’ll call Duddin for short, has tried both keyboards, though it’s an extended Logitech MX Keys shown in the setup photograph.

“For me it’s just something about the sound that you get from Apple’s Magic Keyboards, I just love it!” they said, adding that a shorter keyboard, lacking a number pad, is another preference.

Logitech MX Keys Mini might do the trick for many

All present seemed to know you can get a short Magic Keyboard, though apparently Duddin had only seen the Logitech MX Keys in its full configuration. But they can actually get a Logitech MX Keys Mini if they so choose. And it could be just the thing.

A separate commenter referred to it as their most likely next new keyboard. A lot of people seem to hate the extended keyboards, finding little or no use for the number pad.

For those who prefer the Logitech MX Keys, their reasons — usually typing feel, responsive back-lighting or ease of use switching between computers and operating systems — would probably hold true for either the extended keyboard or the mini.

“I specially bought the MX Keys to get away from my Magic Keyboard,” said one commenter, replying to Duddin’s preference for Apple’s product. “I like the increased key travel and depth. Overall, the keystrokes feel more substantial and I make less typing errors. With that being said, to each their own! My point is no more valid than the OP’s.” (On Reddit, “OP” is short for “original poster.” You see references to it all over the place in post comments.)

Oh, and it wouldn’t be a keyboard discussion if someone didn’t say Duddin should really just go all-out and get a customized mechanical keyboard.

Major LG monitors

So Duddin prefers a Magic Keyboard to use with his M1 Mac mini, but he also uses the Logitech MX Master Keys. Others clearly favor the latter, either extended or mini. But what about the displays?

As Duddin pointed out when asked, both screens are LG products. And they’re both pretty high-powered monitors for gaming, if you look at the formidable specs.

The larger display is a 34-inch LG 34N850-B UltraGear Curved QHD Gaming Monitor. It features 3440 x 1440 pixel resolution running at a speedy, game-worthy 144Hz refresh rate, with a blindingly fast 1ms response time. And it’s Nvidia G-Sync-compatible, meaning Nvidia has validated it to work with no issues, such as flickering.

The smaller one is a 27-inch LG 27GL850-B Ultragear QHD Gaming Monitor. It’s flat and covers less real estate (with a 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution), but otherwise it carries the same specs and ratings as its bigger sibling.

Paired HomePod minis for stereo sound

Fairly often we see paired HomePod minis in setups where full stereo sound is prized. You can get good sound with one, but a paired set will really fill a room. Duddin does it. In their case, the two smart speakers sit pretty nearby each other.

“How do you find the stereo sound of the HomePod minis being that close?” a commenter asked. “I’m tempted to get a pair but worried that they won’t sound great sat either end of my short desk.”

“They sound great in my opinion!” Duddin enthused. “The only downside is that they are Bluetooth so you have that lag when pausing and then playing a YouTube video, for example. Other than that they are solid speakers, definitely grab one!”

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