Tricks of a slick home office set to ‘dark mode’ [Setups]


It's a dark but inviting setup.
It's a dark but inviting setup.

We see a lot of impressive computer setups in slick home offices here at Cult of Mac Setups HQ, but few of them are nicer than one we just came across. As usual, we’ll share the gear list, below, as well as some of the tricks you can emulate to improve your own home workspace.

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Dallas-based Keldon Beal (aka Redditor Own_Bet9834) put his classy, clean and cozy home office on display for all to see in a post entitled, “‘Dark Mode’ WFH Setup.” Beal’s post included a handful of photos and a promise to add “light mode” photos soon, as well.

“The highlight of the [‘dark mode’] setup is the versatility of it, being able to have a slightly different feel to it if I ever get tired of how it’s set up,” Beal told Cult of Mac.

Tricks of a clean and cozy home office

MacBook Pro and ‘floating’ iPad Pro

At the core of Beal’s setup is a 2019 15-inch MacBook Pro and a 12.9-inch M1 iPad Pro. He uses the MBP as his main machine, of course. The iPad “is just for the extra screen real estate, but it is also used for any video/zoom calls when needed,” he said.

But one of the cool aspects of the setup is how Beal, a 30-year-old entrepreneur, mounted the iPad. As you can see in the photos, it “floats” off to the side of the main display. That’s because the iPad’s mounted on an AboveTek Sturdy iPad Holder, a piece of gear we haven’t seen often. But it does its job beautifully.

“If you have a larger iPad you may have to purchase the larger bracket compatible with this like I had to,” Beal pointed out.

Curved monitor, screenbar and monitor riser

Beal’s computing devices run with a 34-inch Dell UltraSharp U3415W Curved LED Monitor. The well-regarded display boasts a 21:9 curved screen with a panoramic view, cinematic WQHD resolution and solid sound from two 9W speakers.

But the thing that really caught our eye is the monitor stand, or riser, on which the Dell display rests. It’s a handsome Artifox Lift, probably the one with a walnut finish. It has space on top and underneath for small items. In this case, it matches the desk perfectly and contributes a lot to the setup’s good looks.

A BenQ Screenbar Plus monitor light bathes the desktop and its peripherals in warm hues. Here, too, Beal keeps quality goods: a Satechi Slim X1 Bluetooth Backlit Keyboard, a Magic Trackpad 2 and a Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse.

Paired HomePod minis mounted upside down

Looking closely at the Artifox Lift, you see two spheres hanging from its underside. Those are paired HomePod minis, a perfect office sound system.

“It’s a stereo pair of HomePod minis that I attached upside down to the riser with some strong double-sided tape,” Beal explained.

Double-sided tape. That’s a clever trick, right there (for as long as it holds the little speakers, anyway).

Custom desk and killer gaming chair

You can spot the backpack hanging from a hook to the left under the custom-made desk.
You can spot the backpack hanging from a hook to the left under the custom-made desk.

Other Redditors expressed curiosity about Beal’s chair.

“How do you like the Embody?” one asked about the Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair, which runs about $1,600. “The one thing that is holding me back from ordering one is the lack of dedicated neck support. Does this ever bother you when using it for longer periods?”

“I personally love it and don’t experience any issues, but I do utilize my sit/stand options periodically throughout the day, too,” Beal replied. “I still wouldn’t advise anyone to spend the money on this unless you have the opportunity to sit in one for a bit before purchasing. My old job had these at the office so I knew it was worth it for myself.”

Another Redditor pointed out a company coming out with an Embody headrest soon.

Beal’s broad and handsome desk is a crucial piece of the setup, too. But it’s custom-made, so you can’t just order one, unfortunately.

“It’s an older Vivo desk frame I bought on Amazon a while back, pretty sure this version is discontinued but they definitely will have something similar,” he said. “As for the top, it is a butcher block slab from Home Depot that I cut to size and finished myself.”

The desk even has a hook under it, creating a handy spot for a backpack or knapsack. Neat trick, Mr. Beal.

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