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Accounting student’s MacBook Pro rig adds up to productivity [Setups]


A finance and accounting student in Finland uses this computer setup.
A finance and accounting student in Finland uses this computer setup.

Finland-based student and photographer Lauri Rämä pores over finance and accounting texts in hopes of getting a Master’s degree. He uses his spare and simple MacBook Pro computer setup mainly for studying and editing, he said.

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Although Rämä studies numbers, math and statistical analysis, he also has a keen interest in photography. His love is film photography, not digital. You can see some of his work and learn more about his ideas about photography here.

A MacBook Pro outfit by the numbers

Rämä is heavily into Apple gear. His setup post, “My Macbook Pro setup for studying & editing,” features plenty of it. We often see substitute peripherals from brands like Keychron, Logitech and Razer in our Setups coverage, but not here.

In addition to the 2017 13-inch MacBook Pro, Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse 2 and AirPods shown in the setup photo, he took care to mention he has an iPhone 12 and an Apple Watch SE. He added that he plans to buy AirTags soon, as well. Pretty soon he’ll have the Helsinki Apple Store cleaned out.

Watch out for screen cracking

A fellow Redditor had a helpful warning for Rämä about his MacBook Pro’s screen.

“Be careful with that privacy cover on the MacBook screen,” the person wrote. “They’ve been known to crack MacBook screens by putting too much pressure on the screen when closed.”

“Good to know, thanks!” Rämä replied.

27-inch Lenovo display

Rämä keeps his MacBook Pro open on an aluminum stand on his desk, but he runs it to a 27-inch monitor, as well.

His Lenovo Q27H-10 Monitor is a low-blue-light, flicker-free display to ease eye strain. It features 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution, AMD FreeSync, a 75Hz refresh rate and a 4ms response time. And it has a pretty interesting-looking stand — more on the stylishly modern side than your average monitor stand.

Scaling issues with the monitor’s resolution?

One Redditor brought up some issues they have with a similar monitor with the same pixel resolution.

“Don’t you find things being too small on screen with 2560×1440 monitor?” asked a Redditor. “I have a same res monitor and when I connect the laptop, stuff on screen is either too small or when I scale to appear normal, it lowers down the resolution and then things are blurry.”

Rämä seemed aware of the issue, but didn’t seem to think it much trouble.

“Well yes, sometimes I do,” he replied. “But most of the time it’s completely fine.”

In response to another question about how the display connects for use as an external monitor alongside his MacBook Pro, he pointed out that all he needs is a USB-C cable. And it keeps his laptop charged, too.

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