Solve puzzles, collect cute animals in Zookeeper World on Apple Arcade

Solve puzzles, collect cute animals in Zookeeper World on Apple Arcade


Solve puzzles, collect cute animals in ‘Zookkeeper World’ on Apple Arcade
Solve match-3 puzzles to build a collection of adorable animals in Zookkeeper World.
Photo: Kiteretsu/Apple Arcade

Fans of match-3 puzzle games should be pleased that Zookeeper World just launched on Apple Arcade because it isn’t burdened with the biggest drawback of the genre. But it does offer a variety of adorable animals to collect and puzzles to play through.

You might remember this game as simply Zookeeper. It’s been renamed and is now exclusively for subscribers of Apple’s service, which also includes a lengthy list of other games.

Collect all the animals in Zookeeper World

Create a zoo and fill it with animals by playing action-puzzle games. Zookeeper World lets players expand and customize their zoo, and add Hula Dance Rabbit, Punk Monkey, Afro Panda, Santa Fennec, Tuxedo Penguin, Franken-Lion, Muay Thai Polar Bear… so many. But watch out for Mecha Boss!

It’s part of the very popular match-3 genre but leaves out the constant requests to make in-app purchases that can make similar games so irritating. These are banned in Apple Arcade — much to the benefit of players. Many match-3 games are designed to eventually become so difficult that players have to make in-app purchases to continue. That’ll never happen with Zookeeper World.

While it’s new to Apple’s service, Kiteretsu’s game was previously played by more than 30 million people as plain Zookeeper.

Now on Apple Arcade

Starting Friday, Zookeeper World can be found on the Apple Arcade section of the App Store. There are versions for iPhone, Mac, iPad and Apple TV, and external game controllers are supported.

Apple Arcade offers access to over 200 games for $4.99 a month. New titles are added almost every week. Fans of causal games might enjoy the recently released Tetris Beat, Wurdweb or Solitaire Stories.