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Top-end iPhone 14 might get space-age titanium overhaul


Next year's iPhone could get a big materials upgrade.
Photo: Sergei Akulich/Unsplash CC

Top-end 2022 iPhones might come with a body made of titanium alloy, giving the devices impressive toughness without adding a lot of extra weight.

The titanium rumor comes from a fresh analyst report from JP Morgan Chase that also lays out potential suppliers:

“It is said that the body of the high-end iPhone 14 series (or Pro) is expected to be made of titanium alloy and will be exclusively supplied by Hon Hai. In addition, other models in the iPhone 14 series will use aluminum alloy and stainless steel frames. The stainless steel frames are supplied by Hon Hai and Jabli. Lansi and Luxshare are also applying for certification; while the aluminum alloy frames are supplied by Lansi and Jabli.”

Titanium is a space-age material that’s both lightweight and incredibly durable. It is commonly used in aerospace because of these impressive qualities, which amount to the highest strength-to-density ratio of any known metal.

The first titanium Apple Watch arrived in 2019. The company also utilizes the material to produce the Apple Card.

Titanium iPhone 14 Pro?

Not every iPhone will get the titanium treatment, though. The JP Morgan Chase report suggests that the standard-issue iPhone 14 will use the more common aluminum and stainless steel. This would be in keeping with Apple’s standard rollout of new materials and advanced features. Those typically debut on high-end models and then, in later years, trickle down to lower-end Apple devices.

Sure enough, the report suggests that the 120Hz refresh rate set to debut on this year’s iPhone 13 Pro will become available on all iPhone models next year.

Finally, it says Apple will next year ditch the iPhone mini. Instead, Apple will offer two 6.1-inch and two 6.7-inch iPhone 14 models, available in both regular and Pro variants. You will have to shell out for the latter if you want to get hold of the titanium version.

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Via: iPhone Wired