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This is how the original Macintosh would be introduced in 2021


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Hello again. Again.
Photo: Thibaut Crepell

Between the iconic Ridley Scott “1984” ad and ahead-of-their-time campaigns like “Test Drive a Mac,” the original Macintosh wasn’t exactly short of memorable marketing materials. But what would an ad look like for the OG Macintosh if it came along in 2021?

Designer Thibaut Crepell put a concept together and, frankly, it’s pretty darn awesome. While it’s not going to dislodge either of the two previously mentioned campaigns, it’s neat to see a video that could convincingly fit in as part of one of today’s Apple keynotes, but showing a piece of Apple tech that’s now approaching 40 years old.

Check it out below.

There are no shortage of concept ads that get shared by users online. But this one looks (unsurprisingly, given Crepell’s real world job as a motion designer) totally professional. The original Macintosh 128k, designed by the great Jerry Manock, remains one of my favorite-ever Apple designs. From its cute boxy aesthetic, with the subtle smile built into its design, it’s a classic piece of iconography. Even many decades later, Apple continues to pay homage to its look with the “chin” seen in today’s M1 iMac.

Which other Apple products of yesteryear would you like to see given similar treatment? Let us know in the comments below.