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Nice rig. Here are 28 ways to make it better. [Setups]


If you want suggestions for how to improve a computer setup, just ask.
If you want suggestions for how to improve a computer setup, just ask.
Photo: No-Top-5065@Reddit

To be fair, when Redditor No-Top-5065 posted pics of their MacBook Air-based computer setup, they asked for suggestions on how to improve it.

“Any recommendation on how can I improve my desk setup? Not into gaming, work and study most of the time,” said the post’s headline.

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Well, if they’re not into gaming, work or study, what are you supposed to suggest? Oh, wait. They meant they’re not into gaming. They work and study most of the time. Got it. Sorry, No-Top-5065. We’re all critics. Or grammarians.

Most setup fans on Reddit are nice, and they had a lot of good suggestions anyone might consider. Also, they’re detail-oriented. Multiple commenters focused on the need for a coaster under a drinking glass on the desk.

Here are 28 ways to make it better

Stuff to consider buying and adding:

  1. Second monitor
  2. Ultrawide monitor
  3. Monitor arm
  4. Monitor light bar
  5. Laptop stand to keep the MacBook Air open as a second monitor
  6. Laptop stand to place it further out of the way
  7. Laptop arm
  8. Wireless mouse, such as Logitech MX series (with programmable buttons for improved workflow)
  9. BT mouse
  10. More ergonomic keyboard
  11. Keychron K2 wireless keyboard
  12. Magic Keyboard with Touch ID (when available for non-M1 Macs)
  13. Pair of bookshelf studio monitors / speakers
  14. Airpods
  15. Better headphones in general
  16. Headphone stand or hook (to get the cans off the desk)
  17. Headphone amplifier / digital-to-analog converter (DAC)
  18. USB dock for networking
  19. Bias light to place behind the monitor (to help with eye strain)
  20. An eyeglass holder (to minimize damage to the specs and clutter)
  21. Coaster for that glass of tea

Other changes to consider:

  1. Elevate the screen with some sort of shelf or stand
  2. Use the MacBook Air as a second display (even without a stand)
  3. Decorative lighting
  4. Paint the walls
  5. Move the desk to the right
  6. Swap the blue light and the desk lamp positioning
  7. Get a more robust adapter for the plugs in the wall outlet (not pictured)

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