You've got to see this iPhone notch 'fix' to believe it

You’ve got to see this iPhone notch ‘fix’ to believe it


This iPhone M1 concept is by Antonio De Rosa from ADRStudio.
A new concept design thinks outside of the box on removing the iPhone notch.
Screenshot: ADRStudio/ConceptsiPhone

The screen notch isn’t anyone’s favorite iPhone feature, and an iPhone concept makes a radical suggestion for repositioning it: the artist suggests stretching the top of the handset to make room for the front-facing camera and other sensors.

Watch a pretend Apple advertisement from the concept artist demonstrating the innovative new device now:

The video was created by Antonio De Rosa from ADRStudio for ConceptsiPhone. This YouTube channel gives artists a venue to share ideas for future Apple products.

An iPhone concept with a unique design

His proposes that, rather than having a notch that dips down into the display, the top of a future Apple handset be expanded. The result is a non-symmetrical design that would be unique. And would allow the handset’s screen to be rectangular.

De Rosa is clearly aware of what a radical change iPhone concept is. His pretend Apple commercial embraces it with phrases like, “Being different is wonderful.”

The designer also proposes putting an Apple M1 processor in the iPhone 13. That’s the same chip used in recent Mac and iPad models. And while iOS could run on the processor, an 8-core processor would be very hard on a handset’s battery.

Even ConceptsiPhone is a touch dubious on the idea, saying it’s “debatable, but certainly this iPhone 13 M1 Series is something different.”

De Rosa has a long history of creating Apple concept designs. Like his recent suggestion for an iPhone Pro with the Lightning port replaced by a Smart Connector.