Eye-catching iPhone Pro concept adds smart connector, drops Lightning port


Eye-catching iPhone Pro concept adds smart connector, drops Lightning port
This suggested iPhone Pro doesn’t use the Lightning connector. Nor does it have a model number.
Photo: Antonio De Rosa

A concept artist proposes an iPhone Pro without a Lightning port. Instead, he envisions a new dock port on the back of the handset where clip-on accessories could attach.

A beautifully made video shows off the concept iPhone as though it were real. Watch it now.

The proposal is the creation of Antonio De Rosa who has been dreaming up new Apple designs since at least 2012.

iPhone Pro concept says ‘no’ to numbers

There’s no Lightning port in this iPhone. But that doesn’t mean there are no ports. De Rosa suggests a dock port very similar to the Smart Connector already in the iPad. This is “designed to connect powerful accessories such as power banks and a snap-on camera,” explains the designer. These add-ons would cling to the handset with magnets using an improved MagSafe 2.

A fresh iPhone concept drops the lIghtning port.
Magnetic clip-on accessories like this high-resolution camera as a highlight of this iPhone Pro concept.
Photo: Antonio De Rosa

The future iOS device would have a smaller notch and a 240Hz screen. Four camera lenses too, making it capable of taking pictures of the moon and stars, a feature that’s been rumored for the iPhone 13.

Also, the designer thinks it’s time to drop model numbers from iOS handsets. His proposal is for an iPhone Pro, with no digit to be seen.

Additional pictures of the concept iPhone are on De Rosa’s website.