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Wait, couples setups aren’t a thing, are they? [Setups]


Harmonious his-and-hers setups? Aww.
Harmonious his-and-hers setups? Aww.
Photo: thateconomistguy@Reddit

OK, maybe it’s a tad premature to freak out over couples’ setups being some sort of thing now. After all, the sample size here is just one, and we have no intention of carrying out any kind of exhaustive and exhausting survey or study on the matter.

Redditor thateconomistguy presents a “couples study space” where he and his girlfriend pore over economics research side by side under the frames in which they plan to display their upcoming master’s degree diplomas.

Not to sound too much like misanthropic, romance-hating, basement-dwelling nerd-balls who prefer the company of machines to humans, but even we find the his-and-hers setup in question to be, lamentably, super-adorbs.

Almost-matching rom-com workstations

Thateconomistguy noted the two workstations in the overall setup are identical except for a couple of differences. He works up a lather on a PC and sports a pair of speakers. She gets down to business on a 2019 MacBook Pro engaged with a docking station.

Does rom-com hilarity ensue? Meh, probably not. Maybe if he’d identified his PC or his speakers, or even her docking station, we’d have more to work with.

Aside from those items-not-in-common, both better-haves enjoy landscape-oriented 27-inch Dell S2721Q Monitors and portrait-oriented 24-inch AOC24B2XH Monitors mounted on Brabeck dual-monitor arms. They both ease eye strain, when gazing into screens rather than each other’s eyes, with Xiaomi Mi Monitor Light Bars.

And both number-crunching lovebirds use Logitech MK850 keyboard and mouse combos and matching Playmax X3 mouse mats.

Wait, shouldn’t one have blue peripherals and one have pink ones, or something? Oh, maybe that’s later. Part of a geeky gender-reveal party if and when offspring are due. Maybe they’ll have a celebration that doesn’t involve lives risked by high-explosives or hideous accidents?

Well, anyway, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Not getting on each other’s nerves, what, at all?

According to thateconomistguy’s response to a query about how the couple handles conflict over dueling phone or video calls, the two have no real problems. They rarely take calls because they’re truly, madly, deeply involved almost entirely with solo economics research, not collaboration.

“I think you can turn the microphone sensitivity right down, couple that with a high quality headset and you could probably work around the issue,” thateconomistguy sincerely added, like a guy who has never even been hit with a hard-flung wireless mouse.

We, of course, wish them all the best.

As one perhaps recently separated or divorced Redditor casually yet ominously commented, most likely in a facetious way: That’s cool, nice set up. I have a [similar] set up but there is a lot more blood and broken things.”

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