New Apple TV remote is not compatible with some tvOS games


Apple's new Apple TV 4K with redesigned Siri Remote
The new Siri Remote doesn't pack the proper hardware for some games.
Photo: Apple

The redesigned Siri Remote that comes with the next-gen Apple TV 4K won’t work with certain games available on tvOS.

Since it doesn’t come with an accelerometer or gyroscope sensor, it won’t be compatible with games that rely on spatial positioning data from the controller as an input.

Apple didn’t mention the limitation when it unveiled the updated Apple TV 4K Tuesday. It remains unclear exactly how many games this will affect. And gamers can get around the limitation by using either the previous, widely hated Siri Remote or an alternative game controller.

Apple TV’s new Siri Remote lacks accelerometer, gyroscope

Nonetheless, it’s an interesting omission — not least because Apple made a big song and dance about the Apple TV becoming a home for gaming a few years back. This never really happened, however. And late last year, Bloomberg wrote that for 2021, “Apple is planning an upgraded [Apple TV] box with a stronger gaming focus, an updated remote and a new processor.”

Apple did not dwell on gaming during this week’s jam-packed “Spring Loaded” event. But it is worth noting that Apple Arcade launched between the previous Apple TV update in 2017 and this one. That suggests that Cupertino continues to focus on games — even if most of the attention goes to iOS and iPadOS rather than tvOS.

MacRumors notes that an upcoming version of tvOS advises users trying to play certain games with the new remote to “connect the Apple TV Remote (1st generation) or a compatible PlayStation, Xbox or MFi controller.”

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