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Man swallows AirPod in his sleep, and lives to tell the tale


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A man in Worcester, Massachusetts, has reportedly wound up in hospital after accidentally ingesting one of his AirPods while sleeping.

Bradford Gauthier reportedly fell asleep wearing his AirPods, only to discover that he was missing one of them upon waking. He also felt a discomfort in his chest. That’s not a great combination of events.

“I went back out in the morning and shoveled [snow] for an hour,” Gauthier told WWLP News 22. “When I came in, I tried to drink a glass of water again and couldn’t,” said Gauthier.

After initially dismissing the idea that the discomfort and missing AirPod may be related, Gauthier visited the emergency room. There, he received an X-ray — and discovered that one of his hearables had become stuck in his asophagus.

“It never occurred to me that [sleeping with AirPods] could be a safety hazard,” he said. “I was really quite lucky.”

Not the first time AirPods have been swallowed

Amazingly, this isn’t the first time this happened to an AirPod user. In 2019, a man in Taiwan did something very similar to poor Bradford Gauthier. When Ben Hsu woke up, he found that one of his AirPods was gone. He used Apple’s Find My app to sound an alarm, only to hear a beeping sound emanating from his stomach. Incredibly, not only did he survive the experience, but the AirPod did as well — still working even after its bodily immersion. (There’s no word on the ultimate fate of Bradford Gauthier’s ingested AirPod.)

Let’s just hope that both people in these stories have now made the decision to switch to AirPods Max for their future night-listening pleasure. Now if someone successfully swallows those

Source: WWLP News 22

Via: Apple Insider