You can trust us: Apple debuts 2 privacy themed ads on first day of CES

You can trust us: Apple debuts 2 privacy themed ads at CES


Face ID
Apple keeps all your Face ID data private.
Photo: Apple

CES 2021 bug Apple has launched a couple of eye-catching ads to coincide with the first day of the virtual CES. Both ads focus on Apple’s privacy oriented stance to technologies like Face ID and Apple Pay. This includes carrying out processing on the device and not sharing information with Apple.

The short ads feature some neat Saul Bass-style typographic animation in an effort to make the topic of user privacy and not sharing data compelling and digestible. Check them out below.

Privacy is a big theme for Apple throughout the year. As the biggest tech event of the year, CES is a great opportunity for Apple to get its message across — and, despite the virtual-only CES this year, 2021 is no different.

Last year, Apple dispatched its senior director of global privacy to CES to appear in a panel about privacy. The panel was entitled “Chief Privacy Officer Roundtable: What Do Consumers Want?” and represented Apple’s first CES appearance in 28 years. The year before that, Apple was absent from CES, but put up privacy focused billboards close to the Las Vegas Convention Center, emphasizing the importance of privacy in Apple products.

In the past year, privacy has become an event more hotly debated topic. Data-mining and the sending of personalized ads is frequently viewed as part of the problem when it comes to tech giants’ role in societal polarization, such as the Cambridge Analytics scandal and the fake news it helped spread. Neither Face ID nor Apple Pay have anything to do with societal polarization. Nonetheless, the message Apple is sending is this: You can trust us. That’s probably the most important bit of Apple branding since “Think Different.”