Crazy puzzle adventure All of You egg-splodes onto Apple Arcade


‘All of You’ debuted on Apple Arcade on Friday, November 6.
All of You stars a chicken that can stop time.
Photo: Alike Studio

Some video games focus on muscle-bound warriors. Others lets players become beautiful princesses. In All of You, you’ll play as a clumsy chicken. Still, she’s a heroic hen out to save her lost chicks. Players need to solve plenty of puzzles to reunite the chicken with all her brood in a game that debuted Friday on Apple Arcade.

Control time in Alike Studio’s All of You

The developer, Alike Studio, promises, “All of You is a cute, purely visual, accessible, family–friendly puzzle adventure with unique gameplay. Play and pause time in every part of the level to unveil the right path for the main character.“

Control of time is at the heart of this title. The chicken walks through various scenes, and it’s up to the player to stop time and rearrange the environment to enable her to safely move forward.

Alike Studio created a trailer to demonstrate playing their latest offering:

All of You is a single-player title, and is for gamers 9 or older. It supports external controllers as well as touchscreens.

Now on Apple Arcade

All of You is now on the App Store. There are versions for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV. But access requires a subscription to Apple Arcade, the company’s subscription gaming service. This cost $4.99 a month, but also includes more than 100 other games. And there are no hidden, surprise costs because in-app purchases and ads are banned.

Other kid-friendly titles on Apple Arcade include SpongeBob: Patty Pursuit and Steven UniverseUnleash the Light. Or A Monster’s Expedition is another puzzler.