Classic World War II game Company of Heroes storms the iPhone


‘Company of Heroes’ will debut on iPhone on Sept. 10.
The wait is over.
Photo: Feral Interactive

Award-winning PC classic World War II strategy game Company of Heroes is finally available for iPhone. The game originally launched on Windows PC in 2006, before arriving on iPad back in February 2020.

Thanks to today’s update, iPhone gamers can now join in the fun as well.

Company of Heroes deserves its reputation as one of the greatest real-time strategy games ever created. In the game, you take control of a pair of factions of U.S. troops as they wage war (World War, in fact) against the German Wehrmacht in 15 missions.

These aren’t just generic missions created for the game, either. Players get to participate in iconic WWII events like the D-Day landings and the liberation of Normandy. If either the genre or the subject matter appeals to you, this is a must-play!

Company of Heroes on iPhone: No pesky in-app purchases

At $13.99, Company of Heroes is one of the more pricey games you’ll encounter in the App Store. But this, too, is a good thing. While the up-front cost is steeper than today’s standard “free” titles, it also means a premium experience unencumbered by in-app purchases. As publisher Feral Interactive previously told my esteemed colleague Killian Bell:

“We want to bring the experience of the original desktop game as faithfully as possible to mobile, that becomes very hard to do if we introduce in-app purchases. The overwhelming feedback we have had from the audience who have bought games we have previously released on mobile such as ROME: Total War, GRID Autosport and Tropico, is that they value not having to put up with in-app purchases.”

It’s a refreshing change from some of the disappointing freemium ports that have landed in the App Store over the years. And, hey, for a game of this calibre it’s a price that’s well worth paying! (And considerably less than you’d have had to shell out for the game on PC back in the day.)

Company of Heroes is available for download via the App Store. The version 1.1.1 update also adds the following other tweaks:

• Improved memory usage, resulting in fewer out-of-memory crashes
• Added Semi-Transparent UI toggle; when enabled, the UI becomes semi-transparent while moving the camera
• Added Button Select Overlay options, allowing for more precise selection of buttons
• Updated Strategic Point capture system; units now automatically capture a point if they are in proximity and no enemy units are nearby
• Added cheat to unlock all missions
• Added Auto-disable Queue Orders option; when enabled, Queue Orders is automatically disabled after deselecting a unit
• Added Deselect After Construction Order option; when enabled, units are automatically deselected once given a construction order
• Increased camera zoom-out distance
• Assorted minor bug fixes