Award-winning strategy game Company of Heroes lands on iPad


A must-have for any RTS fan.
Photo: Feral Interactive

Company of Heroes, the award-winning World War II strategy game, today makes the leap to iPad.

The mobile version is a complete port of the original, which first debuted in 2006 — but it has been completely rebuilt for tablets. And if you’re into real-time strategy games, you’re going to love it.

“Our aim is that the experience of playing Company of Heroes on mobile should be as fantastic as it was on desktop,” publisher Feral Interactive told Cult of Mac.

Company of Heroes lets you take control of two factions of American troops as they fight against the German Wehrmacht. There are 15 missions, based on some of the most challenging battles of World War II, to complete.

Its action-packed gameplay has secured a bunch of accolades, including PC Gamer’s Game of the Year award, and GameSpot’s Best PC Game and Best Strategy Game awards for 2006.

But this version of Company of Heroes is a little different.

Company of Heroes is a masterpiece on iPad

The iPad version of the game not only packs high-resolution graphics for your Retina display, but it has also been fully-optimized for touchscreens. It runs beautifully and it’s a must-have for any real-time strategy fan.

Because Company of Heroes is a terrific game, it’s no surprise Feral Interactive chose to port it to iPad almost 14 years after its initial release. The company knew it would be a great fit for mobile, too.

“Having played Company of Heroes a lot, having ported Company of Heroes 2 to Mac and Linux, and having had the experience of bringing ROME: Total War to mobile, we were confident that Company of Heroes would translate well to mobile,” Feral told Cult of Mac.

“We felt that we could probably get it to run nicely on iOS and that the UI could be successfully adapted.”

No in-app purchases here

One of the things we love most about the iPad port is that unlike most of the iOS games coming out today, this one isn’t free-to-play. It’s a premium app that comes with all missions and maps unlocked from the very beginning.

“We want to bring the experience of the original desktop game as faithfully as possible to mobile, that becomes very hard to do if we introduce in-app purchases,” Feral explained.

“The overwhelming feedback we have had from the audience who have bought games we have previously released on mobile such as ROME: Total War, GRID Autosport and Tropico, is that they value not having to put up with in-app purchases.”

Company of Heroes is an 8GB download that requires iOS 13.1 or later. It’s compatible with all generations of iPad Pro, and any iPad released since 2017. Download it from the App Store today for $13.99.