Save $50 on Powerbeats Pro’s gorgeous new color options today


2020 Powerbeats Pro comes in four new colors
Bag yours while they're still hot.
Photo: Apple

Apple just introduced a bunch of pretty new color options for Powerbeats Pro — and Amazon is already slashing $50 off the usual price. Get yours today for just $199.95 before the discount disappears.

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A $50 discount is the biggest Amazon has offered on Powerbeats Pro to date. It was popping up every so often on the original color options, and now it’s back just a week after new ones were introduced by Apple.

Get pretty new Powerbeats Pro at $50 off

All eight color options — black, blue, pink, red, yellow, ivory, moss, and navy — are included in the promotion, and all are in stock and ready to ship right away. The discount reduces their price to just $199.95, down from $249.95.

Powerbeats Pro take everything that’s great about AirPods and packs into a sportier design that’s ideal for those with more active lifestyles. They’re just as brilliant, and they won’t fall out of yours ears every time you turn your head.

Powerbeats Pro offer real buttons that make controlling your music, adjusting volume, and interacting with Siri easier while you’re on the move. And they have a great fast-charging feature that gives you 1.5 hours of use in five minutes.

Just like other Apple headphones, they work beautifully with Mac and iOS devices, but can also be connected to third-party smartphones, tablets, and computers with ease.

Don’t miss out

This is a limited-time discount that won’t stick around for long, so enjoy it while you can! Want AirPods instead? Amazon is offering discounts on those, too:

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