Wiggle through Winding Worlds on Apple Arcade


Winding Worlds is a more grownup Apple Arcade game.
Solve puzzles and help a mysterious cast of characters in Winding Worlds.
Photo: KO_OP/Apple

Winding Worlds promises to be a “world-wiggling puzzle journey.”

The latest addition to Apple Arcade is in the same genre as the classic Monument Valley, where players solve puzzles to work their way through a story. KO_OP  describes its creation as “a heartwarming tale of grief, love, truth, and acceptance.”

Winding Worlds is an emotional puzzler

The plot of Winding Worlds involves taking on the role of Willow, who’s accidentally teleported to a curious realm, met a cosmic Wurm, and asked to help a collection of new friends. “She is transported on a spellbinding journey to a network of strange planets, each with a different inhabitant. Hired and guided by a mysterious cosmic worm, Willow’s task is to find out how to help her new friends heal and move on,“ says KO_OP.

This isn’t a frantic battle like many games, but more meditative and calm with a soundtrack to match. The developer promises “emotionally impactful, moving storytelling for multiple playthroughs.”

This is a single-player game, with versions for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

Play today on Apple Arcade

Winding Worlds debuted Friday on Apple’s subscription gaming service. Apple Arcade costs $4.99 a month, but there’re no other costs — ads, in-app purchases and loot boxes are banned.

Other Apple Arcade puzzle games for more grown-up players include Where Cards Fall and A Fold Apart. Or Manifold Garden and Lego Builder’s Journey are other options in this genre.