Reunite a lovelorn couple by folding paper in Apple Arcade’s A Fold Apart


“A fold apart” debuted today on Apple Arcade.
A Fold Apart is a puzzler with a touching storyline.
Photo: Lightning Rod Games/Apple

A Fold Apart asks players to solve over 50 handcrafted paper-folding puzzles. But the real goal of this title that debuted Friday on Apple Arcade is to bring together a couple struggling through a long-distance relationship.

A Fold Apart is more than a simple puzzler

Lightning Rod Games’s latest tells a true-to-life story of a long-distance relationship. When two lovers get separated by circumstance, players bring them together “by flipping, folding, and unfolding the paper puzzles in their handcrafted world.”  And each puzzle helps the couple overcome the emotional barriers, not just physical ones.

The game offers beautiful 3D graphics, and the dozens of puzzles offer a “homemade” paper aesthetic.

Versions of a A Fold Apart for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV debuted today on Apple Arcade.

Play on Apple Arcade

A Fold Apart, and over 100 more games, are all part of Apple Arcade. Playing any or all of them costs $4.99 a month, and no more — in-app purchases and ads are banned from Apple’s gaming service.

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