Leaked ad evokes the joy of unwrapping 2020 iPhone SE

Leaked ad evokes the joy of unwrapping 2020 iPhone SE


Apple “The Opening” online ad for 2020 iPhone SE
A short and wacky ad from Apple takes an unusual look at opening a 2020 iPhone SE.
Photo: Apple

Every iPhone buyer knows the excitement they feel when they first pull the protective plastic wrapper off their new device. Apple is supposedly about to release an ad for the 2020 iPhone SE that plays on the excitement users feel in that exact moment.

Watch it now:

Listen carefully. The sound the wrapper makes coming off the iOS device can be clearly heard.

The 15-second ad goes on to briefly mention some of the high points of the second-generation iPhone SE: the small design, A13 Bionic processor, Touch ID, and studio-quality portraits.

Not yet an official iPhone SE ad

This advertisement, called “iPhone SE – Online Ad – The Opening,” isn’t on Apple’s YouTube channel. And while the O2 logo appears in the video, it’s not on that carrier’s channel either.

Instead, it’s on apfelspot, a channel with a collection of Apple advertisements going back years. There’s no information on where this video came from.

But this ad is likely to appear soon, as pre-orders for the 2020 iPhone SE began today. The debut of this $399 handset will be March 24.

Via: iMore