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Apple promotes White House’s coronavirus PSA across multiple platforms


Apple Music White House
Apple is doing its part to promote proper behavior during pandemic.
Photo: Apple Music/iTunes

Apple is doing its part to help positive messaging regarding the coronavirus pandemic by sharing a White House video emphasizing the importance of social distancing.

The public service announcement features three core members of the White House’s Coronavirus Task Force. It’s visible in the video carousel on Apple Music and iTunes. You do not need an active Apple Music subscription to view it.

The PSA features NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) director Dr. Anthony Fauci, Coronavirus Response Coordinator Dr. Debora Fox, and United States Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams. They describe how to socially distance yourself, including the need to keep six feet away from other people. That’s because this is the distance droplets, potentially containing the virus, can travel when you sneeze or cough.

It also underlines the importance of avoiding crowded locations like movie theaters in the months to come.

Spreading news about fighting coronavirus pandemic

Apple is working  has been working hard, as have other tech giants, to ensure that correct information is spread during the coronavirus crisis. Apple has committed to removing or not approving apps related to coronavirus if they are not made by recognized institutions such as governments or hospitals.

It has also launched a coronavirus special coverage section of Apple News. This provides readers with the latest coverage from sources including CNN, Los Angeles Times, and The Wall Street Journal.

Recently, Apple was among the tech companies involved with a White House conference call to discuss the correct response to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.